IDPA Japan Design Award

Beijing, China. Yuandadu Ruins Park Store, Hometown of Hui Merchants

by Yixiang Oriental(Beijing) Design and Consultants Co.,Ltd

Projet Description

Beitucheng store, the hometown of Huishang in Beijing, is a catering space project invested and constructed by Huishang hometown cultural development group and designed by Yidong (Beijing) design company. This case is adjacent to Yuandu Ruins Park in Beijing to manage Huizhou traditional food and display cultural theme catering projects of Huizhou (Huangshan) and Huizhou business culture. Huishang hometown is a catering brand characterized by HUICAI and huiculture. Therefore, the design of this case is to consider the traditional cultural elements of Huizhou as the material, combined with its brand culture, to refine and plan the spatial structure, business function and cultural expression elements.

Yixiang Oriental(Beijing) Design and Consultants Co.,Ltd

Orient (Beijing) Design Consulting Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing, China. With Oriental style creative space design as the main direction, Orient Team focuses on the combing research and combined application of traditional cultural elements, regional cultural characteristics, business management rules and spatial relations. To the traditional cultural heritage and innovation as the modern space design principles, adhering to the "meaning the east, the elephant tangible" to "make new promulgation," as the design principles, the traditional cultural elements use the modern design language, expression of respect for tradition and culture at the same time, at the same time using the design method and the culture, the artistic language expression function, business and the relationship between the audience and space. His works absorb and inherit the traditional aesthetic elements, draw lessons from and adopt the modern design techniques, and integrate, deconstruct and independently express the poetic "new and new" and "new and new" Traditional Chinese aesthetic thoughts and modern design thoughts. His works organically combine art, commerce, culture and design and obtain good results. Establishment, in Architectural design,hotel design, culture, space design, the dining space design, and other projects for many institutions provide tour space design, creative planning, project planning and design, art furnishings and other creative and design services, has designed more than 60 design projects, involving multiple projects such as restaurants, hotels, cultural venues, and won a grand prize of ai ding award, the bund, China and Germany IF the, such as several important design awards at home and abroad. The company has studios in Chengdu, Shenzhen, Xi 'an and Hefei.

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