IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo



Project Description

Brand Scenarioization
Extracting core impressions from brand values; As a pioneer in the field of optoelectronic equipment; Dedicated to creating a medical beauty venue that fully showcases optoelectronic technology.
[Reverse the flow of time and move forward against the light ]
Breaking through the boundaries of traditional medical aesthetics space, Create a light laboratory full of exploration atmosphere for visitors, Search for the key to stop the aging of the face.
Light emerges from the depths, outlines the form, progresses in layers, and forms a rhythm. In the linear space that emphasizes a sense of power, The sleek frosted acrylic design and members complement each other。
[M22 time device]
Inspired by medical experts' flagship product M22 photon rejuvenation The changes in numbers and the use of sound effects in the light wall demonstrate the acceleration, deceleration, and pause of time, This triggers people's thinking about the passage of time and changes in skin condition。 The abstract spirit is thus endowed with form, ready for the upcoming play in space.
The "bionic human" art installation located at the core of the space, The massive volume emphasizes "presence" and impact, It symbolizes the scientists and explorers behind medical professionals, who can come from ancient times or the future ...
Functional areas such as the medical equipment display area, M22 coffee bar, and M22 art space, Using architectural design thinking to collide with artistic installations in the environment。 Grandness and delicacy, reality and emptiness, integrity and zero are different aspects of softness and rigidity.
The medical beauty experience area is a relatively independent space, I hope to bring more comfortable functionality to medical beauty customers. A more private treatment and service experience.


LUMENIS It was founded in Silicon Valley in 1966,Developed and manufactured The world's first ophthalmic laser device、The first surgical laser equipment、The first beauty photon rejuvenation device and the first medical high-power pulsed light device...... Having the world's top user research and development system and innovative capabilities, he is a pioneer in the field of optoelectronics.

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