IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

LTECH Smart Control System

by Zhuhai Ltech Technology Co., Ltd.

Project Description

This smart control system takes cues from Breguet's CLASSIQUE Classic series, seamlessly blending refined craftsmanship and design. It artfully combines Roman numerals and the artistry of diamonds, evoking a feeling of both vintage charm and opulent elegance. The circular knob design, paired with a meticulously polished body crafted from high-grade stainless steel, results in a subtle and sophisticated product finish. Additionally, it employs the same linear motor with the iPhone, accurately and clearly reproducing every tactile feedback, allowing users to experience an exquisite level of control.
This smart control system supports flexible control of up to 4 lighting circuits, effortlessly replacing cumbersome traditional switches. Its local automation feature presents users with a faster and more stable smart scene experience. In addition, it accurately simulates the sunrise and sunset, adjusting the color temperature of the light to infuse natural lighting into every moment. The ultra-depth dimming technology enhances the richness and softness of the light, meeting various atmosphere needs. By embracing the revolution of smart homes, users can effortlessly take control of the lighting, smart appliances, traditional home appliances, and even curtains in their fingertips.
The all-new Bluetooth 5.0 SIG Mesh technology enables precise control over color temperature, RGB, RGBW, RGBCW lights/groups, as well as curtain motors and fantasy curtains. The pioneering gateway-free operation mode makes device configuration, single-device control, group control, and scene switching more convenient, eliminating concerns about gateway deployment costs for users. Additionally, technological innovations have incorporated directional sensing and centimeter-level positioning services, allowing users to accurately locate, add, and remove devices in multi-device scenarios, providing an unprecedented level of convenience for the smart home experience.
By using the wake-up phrase "Xiao Lei Xiao Lei," users can summon the intelligent voice assistant without manual switch operation. Through verbal commands, they can easily control electrical devices, effortlessly enjoying the convenience of a smart lifestyle. For certain special user groups, such as the elderly or those with limited mobility, the intelligent voice assistant provides an easier mode of operation, significantly lowering the threshold for product usage. Through light and distance sensing technology, this smart control system realizes functions such as automatic adjustment of lighting brightness and gesture control, greatly improving user experience. Additionally, it can effortlessly identify and add smart devices via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, enabling seamless scene linkage and enhancing the diversity of scene applications.
Seamlessly incorporating the principle of protecting the environment into all facets of our product line, we actively champion eco-conscious lighting solutions, encompassing areas such as educational and commercial lighting, as well as integrated controls, which approach significantly combats both light pollution and unnecessary energy consumption. Moreover, our products are painstakingly using sustainable materials, thereby reducing ecological impact. In the production phase, we are committed to minimizing carbon emissions, playing a role in the collective effort towards achieving carbon neutrality and the reduction of peak emissions.

Zhuhai Ltech Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhuhai LTECH Technology Co., LTD (Stock Code: 832110), founded in 2003, has greatly promoted the development of the field of intelligent LED lighting control in China. Over 20 years, LTECH has been at the forefront of LED lighting control technology in China. It is one of the leading manufactures of LED lighting control systems in the world. LTECH always insists on taking scientific and technological innovation as the core and constantly brings new technology into the field of intelligent lighting, which has already created new intelligent LED lighting control technology. With possessing the core competencies of AI+IoT+Cloud+Actuator, LTECH developed three hardware product lines-"LED Lighting Control System", " Intelligent LED Driver" and "Smart Home", meeting the demands of smart scenes for lighting enterprises, commercial space and residential homes. In 2005, LTECH invested heavily in the establishment of L-Home IoT Cloud Platform, which enables end-to-end implementations by transferring data to the cloud and providing the ability to manage users’ devices, keeping our three product lines closely associated. Besides, L-Home IoT Cloud Platform offers flexibility of integration with various third party control system hardware and so far it can combine with Alibaba, Xiaomi, Baidu, Amazon and Google IoT platform through cloud connections to provide users with one stop AIoT ecosystem solutions. As of now, LTECH has provided a large number of competitive, safe and reliable products and solutions for tens of thousands of famous landmark buildings, theme parks, star hotels, office buildings, high-end shopping malls all over the world and for tens of millions of smart homes, smart offices, and smart hotels. Meanwhile, LTECH set up offices in each country and region around the world and has established a global sales and service network to provide tens of thousands of industry users with intelligent lighting solutions. LTECH will strive to become the leading brand of global intelligent lighting solutions, making contributions to the development of intelligent lighting in China and even around the world.
Focus on technological innovation, improve lighting quality. Make healthy and intelligent lighting environments become normal.

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