IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

LOOP Flat——86㎡ Home for pet lovers


Project Description

The interior area of this flat is 86㎡. The residents are a young couple living with two adorable puppies. The owner needs a seawater fish tank, a showcase for Lego, a large dining table for gathering with many friends, two bathrooms, and a pet toilet is indispensable.
Firstly, we swapped the living space with one of the bedrooms, and arranged the living and dining space near the window with better view, so as to make full use of the environmental advantages. In order to work out a more spacious living space within such limited area, we integrated the living and dining room into one open room, and set an arc-shaped wall to enlarge the dining area and dispel the sense of narrowness and monotony brought by a shallow depth of entry. A hard nut to crack during the design was the saltwater fish tank, because it had various attached devices to be considered: an additional circulating filtration tank, a marine spectrum simulation light, a saltwater generator, an oxygen pump, and a temperature regulator. We finally arranged them in the dining area, so that to meet all the restrictions and achieve a beautiful and concise facade.
In this way, the housework space, saltwater fish tank, pet toilet and the guest bathroom that need to be close to the water supply and drainage pipes form a "water usage line", and link the route of "entrance - household chores area - living and dining area", making the flow of food-serving from kitchen to the dining room more convenient and unshared.
In addition to the "water usage line", another flow line in the flat is the "guest flow line" from the entrance to the living space. We connect these two lines to form a "migration loop". Meanwhile, we set up several ornamental nodes along the loop. For instance, we designed a couple of micro landscapes by "zoom in" to provide a "buffering effect". Another major challenge was the need for two bathrooms. Limited by the risers, we found that the two bathroom areas would always form a layout with sharp corners facing each other. Therefore, we used an arc to break the sharpness and congestion.


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