IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Lightweight autonomous tracking unmanned platform

by Beijing Jianmon Product Design Co., Ltd

Project Description

The Lightweight Autonomous Tracking Unmanned Platform is an innovative product designed specifically for military defense, public security border defense, and emergency firefighting sectors. It utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technologies, including deep learning and multimodal fusion, combined with the latest wireless positioning and navigation technologies to achieve autonomous tracking, target tracking, and obstacle avoidance functions. The platform is capable of identifying various obstacles in the wilderness environment, such as vegetation, small mounds, rocks, and trees, and can adapt to complex and dynamic non-structured outdoor driving environments. In recent wars, the Lightweight Autonomous Tracking Unmanned Platform has been widely deployed and has played a crucial role, significantly saving manpower and reducing casualties. Countries worldwide are actively conducting related technological research and development, leading to a thriving trend in unmanned ground vehicles. Furthermore, the Lightweight Autonomous Tracking Unmanned Platform addresses challenges in automatic driving environment perception, planning decision-making, and motion control, with a focus on border patrol and surveillance scenarios. Drawing on the latest achievements in artificial intelligence and advancements in wireless positioning and navigation technology, we have developed a medium-high-speed, lightweight autonomous tracking unmanned platform. This platform not only accurately perceives the surrounding environment and responds promptly but also possesses the capability to adapt flexibly to various complex situations. Through innovative design and technological breakthroughs, the Lightweight Autonomous Tracking Unmanned Platform contributes positively to the development of national security initiatives.

Beijing Jianmon Product Design Co., Ltd

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