IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Confocal microscopy LSCM 200

by Zheng Tingting

Project Description

This product is specially designed for the field of ultra-precision optical microscopy technology research and development, in response to the photovoltaic industry of solar panel topography measurement and wire grid key size measurement needs, the development of confocal 3D measurement microscope, combined with modern optical technology and advanced mechanical manufacturing process, aiming to provide users with ultra-high-definition, accurate and stable microscopic observation experience. The product has full range map navigation, automatic focus, a wide range of measurement stitching and other functions, can achieve accurate, convenient and efficient automatic measurement of microstructure, widely used in material science research, new energy and semiconductor manufacturing and testing, biology, medical research and other precision industrial testing and other related fields. The design concept of this product is to integrate advanced optical technology, mechanical design, control system and image processing technology, aiming to create a An efficient, stable, accurate and user-friendly industrial inspection tool. The purpose is to ensure that the microscope can maintain excellent image quality and stability in complex industrial environments, while providing an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to meet a variety of precision inspection needs.
Technically, the 3D profile obtained by scanning can be analyzed in multiple sections to calculate the height and width of the grid line for each section. The product has the function of measuring the profile size and roughness of the surface topography, measuring and analyzing the surface topography features such as the profile, flatness, roughness, porosity and bending deformation of the surface of products, components and materials. With the integrated operation and inspection process, the system software will automatically count the measurement data and provide the data report export function, which can quickly realize the batch inspection function.
Mechanical structure design, the main frame is made of metal materials, through precision machining technology and strict assembly process, to ensure the structural stability of the optical microscope, strong shock resistance and other issues. At the same time, the adjustment mechanism of the microscope is optimized, and the manual and automatic double adjustment mechanism is configured, so that the user can perform the focusing operation efficiently and conveniently.
In the appearance design, the design conforms to the ergonomic principle while meeting the reasonable structure layout and ensuring the operation and observation comfort. The overall shape is simple and atmospheric, and the design emphasizes smooth lines and integrated structural features. In addition to aesthetics, it follows the design principles of dustproof, internal stray light isolation and other microscopic instruments to effectively improve the signal-to-noise ratio of fluorescence detection. The main tone of the product color is dark blue, which can better highlight the precision and high-end sense of the microscope, and distinguish it from many similar products using white, making it stand out. Secondly, dark blue has better visual comfort, long-term observation will not cause visual and mental fatigue, and can better fit with the calm and rigorous atmosphere of the laboratory. This helps to increase user focus.

Zheng Tingting

Zheng Tingting, born in 1990, has bachelor's degree and master's degree. Since 2016, I have been engaged in the research and development of instrument aesthetics, committed to the manufacture of key components for product production, and mainly responsible for the ergonomic design of high-end precision instruments, the aesthetic design of instrument appearance and human-machine interface engineering design. Observe the market information, the new dynamics in the industry and the process level, combined with the market trend, put forward the use of mainstream 3D printing technology, break through the inherent positioning can not reach the technical difficulties, solve the problem of product process abnormality complex, long construction period, high cost, design in line with the market demand of new product form.
He has participated in the development of national major scientific instruments and equipment, the production of product shape parts, and participated in more than 20 national scientific research projects, Chinese Academy of Engineering epidemic prevention emergency project, human simulation stem cell culture project, and Harbin Institute of Technology Head Yan Plan scientific research project. He won the 2016 Outstanding Individual title of Heilongjiang Industrial Technology Research Institute.
The title of Advanced Individual in 2017, the May 4th Commendation for Anti-Epidemic Volunteer Service Award in 2019-2020, and the Excellence Award of Product Group in Longjiang Cup Industrial Design Competition in 2021; Published four invention patents, 23 appearance patents, and four Logo Copyrights; Published two SCI papers, two EI papers and four national journals; Chinese Academy of Engineering special journal cover design.

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