IDPA Japan Design Award

Lipu Peninsula International Hotel

by Guangxi Jiumengtang Architectural Decoration Engineering Co.LTD

Projet Description

Lipu is affiliated to Guilin City, is a tourist attraction in Guilin Tourism Circle, and is also the terminal station of the tourist route Guilin→Yangshuo→Lipu. The design of Lipu Peninsula International Hotel draws inspiration from the Lijiang culture of Guilin, the beautiful scenery of Lijiang Bay, and the humanistic characteristics of Lipu, and uses multiple narrative techniques to create a tourist business hotel that combines landscape and humanities.
In the Lipu Peninsula International Hotel, the overall space mainly uses dark and light materials to balance each other, blending into the landscape texture, terraces, taro, fisherman style and other regional characteristic symbols, making the layout of the entire space as meticulous and rich as an artwork. The beauty of design and art extends to all functional spaces. No matter where you are in the hotel, you can feel the smart and pleasant Guilin landscape under the ingenuity of life aesthetics.

Guangxi Jiumengtang Architectural Decoration Engineering Co.LTD


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