IDPA Japan Design Award

Carrier Moisturize things silently


Projet Description

The office is located on the adjacent street of Linhai Fucheng, Taizhou. It is surrounded by greenery, and the space blends with life.
In an impetuous society, we just want to create a place where we can calm down and think. We are hidden in this small city. Although the moisturizer is silent, we can "hear the thunder in the silent place."
The boundary has the complex characteristics of being both a division and a connection. Many rectangles are superimposed on each other in the space. The borderlessness between indoor and outdoor is our original idea. A lot of square floor-to-ceiling glass is used on the facade of the entire building, which is hollowed out from the inside out, and reaches the boundary between man and nature through the carrier of the building.
From the entrance to the inside, there are implanted emotional transformation fields, narrow, dark, peeping, covering, separating, and transparent, making everything full of unknowns and surprises. It is the meaning of space existence to make an emotional link between people and space.
Space uses the interaction of positive and negative forms to balance the positive space and evoke a sense of mystery through the negative space. We use vertical, horizontal and circular moving lines to make the space more interesting.
Originally a two-story independent space, the designer reorganized the spatial structure according to the needs and added high-rise buildings, creating interactive windows between floors, adding an interactive perspective to the building. The rustic art paint on the walls and the top surface makes the space commensurate in tone, naturally permeating sentiment and taste.



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