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Landscape mystery, bamboo forest seclusion

by Intention Oriental (Beijing) Design Consulting Co. , Ltd.

Projet Description

This case is located in the beautiful mountain forest of Luzhen in Shucheng, Anhui Province. This was originally an abandoned unit dormitory, built in the mountains, backed by bamboo forest, adjacent to Anhui Linshui Wine Industry Dongzang winery. Client Linshui hopes to become part of its winery after the transformation, to integrate accommodation, food, tasting, social, rest and other comprehensive functions, and to blend with the environment, and can integrate the elements of its brand culture. Become a natural tourism and cultural experience as one of the residential resort hotel. The design team carried out the overall planning and design after inspecting the original topography, original buildings and original environment of the area. In accordance with the concept of respecting the past, replacing the old with new, the exterior style and interior space were transformed and optimized according to the functional requirements, and relying on the geographical environment, natural style, landscape adjacent to the fresh and simple, winding path for the design of the main line of the design to be based on the natural environment, relying on the original style, combined with Linshui Yuquan liquor brand cultural connotation, to determine the“Secret landscape, bamboo mountain dwelling” as the theme. According to the topography and the original location of the building, the whole area will be divided into the front courtyard, the middle courtyard, the upper courtyard, forming a step-by-step structure. Forms the entrance landscape area, the Hydrophilic Leisure area, the accommodation area, the reception area, the square activity area, the lawn activity area, the bamboo forest ramble area multi-function area. Make full use of topography, reasonable arrangement of functional layout, and the surrounding natural landscape in harmony, complement each other. The architectural design team built on two rows of old bungalows and one bungalow as the foundation of the space, and used the two old bungalows as the core of the hostel-the accommodation area, the dining and leisure area of the original building transformation is connected to form the internal interconnection, function sharing and alternation between the old and the new. The original courtyard of the building is preserved by adopting glass wall tiles to form an inner courtyard so that the interior of the guest room has an independent outdoor space. The exterior of the building is changed from the original red brick exterior wall to the white exterior wall. The black tile of the roof is preserved and updated, that is to say, it embodies the characteristics of the Huizhou Vernacular House, and also makes the building more outstanding and elegant under the shade of Green. The interior layout has been adjusted while retaining the structure of the building. The original suite has been changed into two types of rooms, with separate courtyards and courtyards. Through the layout of the guest room area to form suites, single rooms, and double rooms different patterns and room types. Because the original building daylighting surface is less, smaller, design as much as possible to increase daylighting surface and expand daylighting, that is, to ensure the light, but also make the indoor view of the outdoor landscape. Interior design principles derived from the“Less is more” design principles, simple and generous, simple and warm style, not excessive decoration. As much as possible to borrow the scenery, landscape, not to go out also have mountain scenery, so that the residents can experience the mountain breeze, but also can enjoy the comfort of the resort hotel. Indoor public area of the wine area, tea area, bar area, book bar area, so that people in the mountains can enjoy the hearth night talk, when the song of wine, experience“Cold night guests to tea when wine, bamboo soup boiling red” wonderful experience.
Landscape design, the wild and Oriental Garden of the design approach to the integration of natural and cultural landscape, architecture into one, into the environment into which to feel the“One step one scene”, at the same time, the design and use of the Linshui Yuquan wine brand cultural symbols, will be fully integrated into each corner of the hostel, so that the full integration of beauty and wine, “Intoxicated” feeling of intoxicated. The entrance landscape of the bamboo forest path, the front courtyard of the Cang Song welcoming visitors, the borderless water-friendly recreation area, the guest room area of the quiet courtyard, the unique circular activity square in the bamboo forest, the walking path in the bamboo forest secret environment, form the human being in the painting, the Oriental mood in the scene.

Intention Oriental (Beijing) Design Consulting Co. , Ltd.

brief introduction  Yixiang Oriental(Beijin) Design and Consultants Co.,Ltd Orient (Beijing) Design Consulting Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing, China. With Oriental style creative space design as the main direction, Orient Team focuses on the combing research and combined application of traditional cultural elements, regional cultural characteristics, business management rules and spatial relations. To the traditional cultural heritage and innovation as the modern space design principles, adhering to the "meaning the east, the elephant tangible" to "make new promulgation," as the design principles, the traditional cultural elements use the modern design language, expression of respect for tradition and culture at the same time, at the same time using the design method and the culture, the artistic language expression function, business and the relationship between the audience and space.
His works absorb and inherit the traditional aesthetic elements, and draw on and adopt modern design techniques, the Chinese traditional aesthetic thought of “New but in the middle”and “New but in the middle”, which is full of poetic flavor, is combined with the modern design thought, deconstructed and expressed independently. His works combine art, commerce, culture and design organically and get good effect. Since its foundation, it has provided many organizations with interior space design, architectural design, cultural and travel project planning and design, cultural and creative planning in many projects such as hotel space design, cultural space design, dining space design, etc. , creative and design services such as art displays, and hundreds of design projects involving catering, hotels, cultural venues, etc. , he has won many important design awards at home and abroad, such as aite award, Golden Bund Award, huading award, German IF award, French Janus Award, Japan International Pioneer Design Award, golden creative award, nesting award and so on.
The company has studios in Chengdu, Shanghai,andXi 'an .
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