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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Landscape Design of the Xining Wyndham Hotel, Big Pond Park design

by Xing Yunxin

Projet Description

Landscape Design of the Xining Wyndham Hotel Xinning Wyndham Hotel has a land area of 26,825.21 square meters, a total construction area of 43,871 square meters, and a landscape design area of 20,700 square meters.
The hotel is located in the northeast part of Xinning County. It has a beautiful lake and mountain views in the south and the expressway in the north. Xinning is a developed county in southwestern China and is mainly based on tourism and the agricultural economy. The nearby Langshan Scenic Area is a world natural heritage and a national scenic spot with extraordinary ecological resources. The hotel investor is a local citizen, and he wanted an exterior environment that felt like home, peaceful and original.
Thus, the design method of the hotel takes the local villages, fields, rocks, and plants of Langshan Mountain as an inspiration. Philosophical thoughts of Chinese traditional culture infiltrated into the design, creating a simple and natural outdoor environment, with the idea of embracing nature and returning to nature.
Big Pond Park
The city where the park locates will be planned to become a green city with nearby Danxia landforms, which is the world's natural heritage. A location brings you ecological comfort with clear water, beautiful mountain views, and magnificent caves. The park is 18.57 hectares in total, including 9.2 hectares of the mountain area, 5.8 hectares of the water area, and 3.5 hectares of flatland. Flatland, mountains, and water surround each other in a diagonal stripe in the northeast and southwest. The water quality is excellent, however, the water bodies are not connected; about 60% of the vegetation cover in the mountain area is preserved, and 40% is seriously damaged by excavation; the spot is surrounded by residential buildings, schools, hotels, commercial centers, offices, and a future constructing new urban area; there are large spruce cedars in the plot, which are protected plants by the local bureau of the garden and cultural relics.
During the site survey on this project, a few questions keep going around in my mind, such as:
"How do we take care of these natural surroundings? "
The answer is to retain its original beauty,
preserve the nature, and restore the ecology;
"What benefits can we expect from the park to the city?"
It can benefit the city with functional factors, livelihood, culture, spirit, image, economy, and education;
"How to start the project? " Just follow the trend, restore the ecological environment, and protect the cedar;
"What kind of park?" A park that makes people want to write in the poem.
With the help of these questions, the design process went successfully.

Xing Yunxin

In 1999, she graduated from the China Academy of Art, specializing in environment art design. From 2003 to 2004, she was in the exchange program of the China-Japan Friendship Association of Construction Technology of The Central Committee of the Communist Young League in Fukushima, Japan.
She was engaged in interior design from 1999 to 2003 and started landscape design after 2005.
Her design focuses on the idea of "regional connection, site connection, sustainability, and accommodation". She regards the connection between landscape with the surrounding environment and architecture, creating a unique spatial atmosphere and visual impact of a landscape with a concise design method. She considers the familiarity of the landscape to the users, and at the same time, it will make users perceive a fascinating way of experiencing the whole scene.

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