IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Hangzhou YINNO UNICO Clothing shop

by Chen Linping

Projet Description

The brand concept of Yinno Unico is to show contemporary females’ spirit of self-growth in multiple dimensions including wisdom, knowledge, courage, confidence, artistic cultivation, etc. Athena, the goddess of wisdom represents the awakening of females’ power and the break of traditional shackles, can be considered the epitome of modern women today and inspired the designers to create a multi-dimensional space for Yinno Unico to convey its brand values.
Triangles and rectangles bring spatial geometric changes while producing a certain order. Geometric aesthetics contains the secrets of the universe, and also expresses human respect for nature and the spirit of exploration. By playing the game of “building blocks” from the perspective of children, the design team created a pure multi-dimensional space, which is a romantic expression of eternity via divine geometry.
Inspired by the sacred geometry art and order in Joma Sipe’s paintings, curved walls separate yet connect various functional areas in the space. The design of this space implies the philosophy of life.
The staircase, as a bridge connecting 1F and 2F, needs to guide consumers to the upstairs in an intriguing way. With rigorous proportions and geometric shapes, the stairs are enlarged step by step from the side and aerial views, thus creating a vertical, intensive, and guiding visual focus whilst creating a rhythmic aesthetic.
The design team resorted to light to unveil nature in this geometric space. Lighting, as a natural artistic language, highlights the fabrics of clothes, pottery-like spatial textures, and the red arc-shaped steel island. Hues, textures, and materials contrast yet integrate each other. An infinite “axis” stretches in the space.

Chen Linping

Founder & Creative Executive Director of Hangzhou Mumchen Interior Design Co., LTD
21 years of interior design Style trend: natural. The original ecological
The design is not compromise at will, the design process and product details have always insisted on excellence, only hope to make can move the heart of the space, with the heart of life to create each belongs to the owner's unique space.
Paris Design Awards 2021 Winner
Melbourne Design Awards 2021
American Interior Design Magazine best of year 2021 honoree
Japan's TOP100 most influential countries in 2021 Innovative Design Award
American Master of Architecture Award 2021. Honorable mention

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