IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Yang Yang

Projet Description

The project is over 100 square meters, located in a high-rise office building. The hallway of an office building is relatively long and narrow. In order to give customers better guidance, the use of corrugated plates to make curved surface, so as to guide the role of the entrance.
Mild and soft, concise and capable, elegant fashion sense, is the embodiment of feminine temperament. It is the emotional expression that the designer wants to incorporate into the space. Each space inherits from each other in style and intention. On the function again presents an independent and quiet secret, the form of deep texture and emotional sense of trust to achieve twice the result with half the effort.
Design is people-oriented, design also guides people's actions. Emotional guidance is the main thread. We follow the design logic of backward, considering function and form from the final feeling of space.
However, Dean LAI of the client has a lot of demands. How to meet these demands in such a small space and achieve the beauty of common pursuit at the same time inspired the team's desire for further aesthetic deconstruction. The designer reordered the entire space in his mind, revising the plan several times, and finally made JOYARROW as it is now known

Yang Yang

YangYang, partner of Sichuan Xingjie Architectural Design Co., LTD., design director of space Division, national registered senior interior designer. Graduated from Chengdu University of Technology, majoring in environmental Art Design. He has studied in Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid and other European cities. Engaged in indoor and outdoor design for ten years, successively served in Chengdu Shangcheng Design Office, Chengdu Hezhu Decoration Design, Guangzhou Baiyun Design and other professional design institutions. Over the years, we have worked for BaYi International Home Furnishing, Zhengcheng Real Estate, Sichuan Xinlvyao, Sichuan Zhongrui Tianyue, Chengdu Huadu Real Estate, Lizhuang Siyue Hotel, Xitian Medical Beauty, East Asia Xinhua and other enterprises.

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