IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Jing Run Tang teahouse

by Zeng Jin

Projet Description

Jingruntang Teahouse, on the seventh floor of the office building, lacks natural aura and vitality. The faster the city develops, the less and less the original ecological resources. This case advocates nature, the combination of urban architecture and rustic flavor, returning to the original, let us return to nature. Get close to nature, return to the countryside, be on the scene, be able to calm your mind, and taste the fragrance of tea in a comfortable state. Mud walls, small wooden beams on the roof, and hut beams are scattered with ears of dried straw from the south, and birds can build nests in the ears of grass. In the initial design emotions, there are missing hometown and memories of life in the countryside as a child. That beautiful and happy childhood, and this scene, is just to be connected with the tea space I want to express at the moment, with life, art, and emotional integration and communication. Let more stories happen in the space, vivid and natural. Especially when walking through the aisle to the distance, slowly step by step from the darkness to the light, slowly becoming clear from the confusion, washing the soul. What I didn't expect was that the landing was very good in the later construction process, and many original design elements were retained. After opening, many customers brought more topics and stories from different perspectives, which made everyone feel more relaxed and happy.

Zeng Jin
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