IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Beijing Shangshui decoration design Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd

Projet Description

Tang Feng Song bone, Dasein is in Hua's house. Huajia Yiyuan, a high-end restaurant brand with 23 years of operating history, has abandoned the traditional restaurant’s conception and concept of space in its Huaxin Years, and is now undergoing intense upgrades...
The designer adheres to the concept of “make design more meaningful in a complex and highly interconnected world”. After carefully deconstructing the brand connotation of Huajiayiyuan, the designer takes “symbiosis, return to origin, and flowers of the Song Dynasty” as the design keynote. Construct a kind of ingenuity, presenting a museum's life interpretation. Implant the old culture in the contemporary Internet celebrity hall to create the new Beijing cuisine of Huajiayiyuan. It is not only a review of the 23-year history of the founder of Huajia Yiyuan, but also a tribute to and inheritance of the Beijing style food culture.
The overall space design takes "flower" as the theme, and connects a variety of Chinese elements to support the brand concept. The design elements are more like unique cheats in martial arts novels, and only masters can control them. The flower concept has evolved into a tribute to the years and Chinese aesthetics under the designer Gamma's right sense of proportion.v In terms of design style, the sense of inheritance, modernity, and functionality constitute an indestructible golden triangle of aesthetics. The mirror refraction, which has been emphasized many times, brings double space of virtual and real. The design colors use Chinese red, mysterious white, and ink black to create a three-dimensional visual impact. In the design, Mr. Gama, the designer, got rid of the traditional Chinese space and isolated the hustle and bustle of traditional dining. With a simple and clear design language, he wrote the new temperament of Huajiayiyuan.
The installation and furnishing planning is based on museum exhibits. Bottles and retorts are displayed one by one, realizing the mysterious passage between reality and history, just like a living museum.

Beijing Shangshui decoration design Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd
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