IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Jiahong Changzhou. Yijiang Fenghua 243 model house

by Shanghai AOD interior design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

The birth of light luxuryism stems from people's pursuit of quality and exquisite life. It is a design style as well as a life attitude. It focuses on expressing simple, comfortable, low-key and restrained quality of life. In modern decoration design, "light luxury" is mainly manifested as a kind of rationality and warmth. Aesthetic style. The positioning of the whole project is a high-end, high-quality residence. Incorporate contemporary art and aesthetics to create a spiritual space centered on people. What we hope is not only to be an ordinary model room display, but also to focus on customer experience and emotional resonance. Push the door and enter, the porch storage experience in sight urges the soothing emotions of returning home.

Shanghai AOD interior design Co., Ltd

上海奥丹设计是一家具有国 际前瞻性的室内设计公司,专注于高档售楼处、样板房、商业空间、精品酒店、私人会所及定制豪宅设计,秉承“国际思维·东方美学”的设计理念,从建筑角度出发,分析研究空间逻辑,从而创造具有时代东方美学的作品。我们始终坚持以人为本,客户至上的原则,视客户为企业生存之本,深受广大客户的信赖,成为众多高级酒店、精品店、高档会所、高端住宅别墅的专业设计及软装设计工程项目的战略合作伙伴,主案团队成员均在国内知名设计机构从业十载有余,能够为客户提供先进的设计理念以及最佳的设计方案。

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