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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Fuzhou Vanke nine mile front warehouse Cheongsam Studio Project

by TCD² Design

Projet Description

A garden, a road, a bunch of flowers
A house and a coachman are both poetic
Especially cute when the sun is faint
A bell rang from the chapel
A few girls with flowery paper umbrellas walked under the green shade
The historical and cultural background of the "century of oriental charm and western fashion" in Yantai Mountain has become the background color of this project. Since the time of fashion, cheongsam has the dual meaning of inheriting tradition and improving with the times. Cheongsam not only expresses the beauty of form that blends East and West in the finished products of cheongsam, but also the humanistic value reflected by this beauty—tradition and modernity, a high degree of restraint and relaxation.
The first floor of the space has a classical white background, unexpectedly appearing cyan blue, lined with copper. Just like cheongsam, the interweaving of silk and silk, the exquisite tailoring and sewing, each color block is carefully arranged. The old and the new set off each other, the East and the West subtly collide, using modern language to outline the graceful appearance of the traditional in the present.
Oriental elements such as screens, folding fans, and porcelain are split and arranged in the entire first floor space. And through the rhythm between landscape elements such as rattan chairs, wood carvings, bamboo poles, and metal materials such as marble and brass, the sense of conflict between the East and the West in the entire space is constructed.
Through the layers of materials and patterns, the oriental charm is released in the Western architectural design, resulting in dramatic conflicts. This bold design is also intended to explore the integration of contemporary Western design and Eastern traditional culture, adding more readability to the space, and allowing thoughts to wander in the poetic vibes of the East.
Whether the "shape" of a cheongsam can be exquisitely carried, the key lies in the shaping process. Therefore, we tried to truly reproduce the work process of the cheongsam designer's modelling of the cheongsam designer in the work area on the second floor. In the design and layout, the "presence" of the cheongsam designer is constructed, and the "invisible" in the oriental artistic conception is described with the "tangible". The viewer cannot see the cheongsam designer, but can feel the traces she left through the details of the arrangement. The overall elegant pink tones and porcelain lanterns in the space suggest the female identity of the costume designer, and also show her profound aesthetic heritage and elegant taste.

TCD² Design

TCD² Design 是当代新锐设计代表之一。

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