IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Integrated Mulitifunctional Projector

by Shenzhen Feichanghua Pin Technology Co.,Ltd

Project Description

This household integrated projector consists of the gimbal, lifting bracket, and projector. It is powerful and easy to store, providing a good viewing experience at home.
It applies a customized high color gamut composite lifting film to meet the needs of DCI-P3 professional movies. The physical 1,080P native image quality, coupled with the exclusive HDR10+HIL high dynamic decoding technology from high-end display devices, delivers refined, HD images. The product features 27 color enhancement technologies and more than 75% of the NTSC ultra-wide color gamut, creating more brilliant color schemes. Equipped with positive and negative 40° 4-point trapezoidal correction and global electronic scaling at different angles, it can also be applied in a small room, better catering to the needs of young people. It supports 5G connectivity, wireless, and same-screen projection.
This projector is available in two versions - folding and telescopic. The telescopic version allows for adjustable height, adapting to different projection positions. The folding one can form an angle at the connection and be fixed to any platform for more flexible projecting angles.

Shenzhen Feichanghua Pin Technology Co.,Ltd

Founded in 2022, Shenzhen Feichanghua Pin Technology Co.,Ltd is an inventor of this integrated telescopic projector. For many years, the company's senior executives have been down in the small home appliance market and have devoted themselves to the innovation and R&D of portable products, aiming to develop more intelligent and humanized products and injecting new impetus into the market. Today, the company is mainly engaged in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of smart projectors and related products. We remain committed to independent innovation. Our company invests a large amount of capital in R&D for technological improvement and innovation every year. Our products have obtained invention patents, design patents, and new utility patents, and are CE, RoHS, and CCC certified.

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