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2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Hei Design Interiors Headquarters & Showroom

by Hei Design Interiors

Project Description

Hei Design Interiors has undertaken an ambitious project to relocate its headquarters, transforming a historic Chinese restaurant into a sophisticated four-story interior design service and experience center. Guided by the principles of "convergence of inspiration and experience" and a "multifunctional" design philosophy, the project seamlessly integrates showroom and office spaces to create a captivating environment for visitors.
The showroom boasts a range of versatile and multifunctional display areas, designed to inspire and engage guests. From the elegant reception lounge featuring a grand LED screen, to the wine-tasting bar at the reception desk and the visually striking material library with its art-installation-like colour sample wall, each space offers a unique experience.
The design of spaces also exhibits how multifunctionality can be implemented thoroughly, The LED screen facing the entrance provides an additional daily advertising space and presentation space for corporate events. The wine-tasting bar cum reception desk can accommodate wine-tasting corporate events while showcasing mixed use of different luxurious materials. Opposite is an iconic staircase with eye-catching lighting that can draw the attention of pedestrians. The meeting area with a wavy feature wall connects to a visually tunnel-like passage leading to the kid’s room, showcasing the company’s top-notch craftsmanship while offering kids an escape during meetings. There is also a special photo shooting space that allows clients and guests to capture their experience with the firm. Other areas like a men’s walk-in closet in an orange hue, a lady’s walk-in closet in Tiffany blue, open kitchen areas, a bedroom, and other social spaces – all doubling as showrooms where clients can get inspiration for their own projects.
The design seamlessly blends contemporary European aesthetics with luxury accents on the showroom floors, and smoothly transitions to understated luxury and minimalist Japanese-inspired office spaces on the third and fourth levels. In summary, this project provides a comprehensive experience that invites clients to immerse themselves in the world of contemporary luxury interiors, guided by thoughtful design and innovation.
Project Requirements: On a site of a 4-storey Chinese restaurant with a long history (40+ years) in Wan Chai Hong Kong, this is an internal project for Hei Design Interiors with 16 years of experience in the interior design industry. Due to the common space constraints in Hong Kong, the general experience of interior design services is rather interrupted. People usually have to visit multiple locations to get complete information for their renovation projects. The project aims to tender the best solution – providing not only a flagship showroom but also an authentic one-stop interior design service centre, where all expertise in interior design services is available here.
1.The project should combine: a.Office spaces that can accommodate around 60 staff, and; b.Meeting and presentation spaces where clients can join design consultation sessions and design review meetings; have direct experience within showcase interiors of different functions; touch and see the craftsmanship of the firm’s renovation works, and; select materials and loose furniture for their properties effortlessly c.Branding and marketing-oriented display spaces that can uplift the brand and draw potential clients’ attention.
2.It would be ideal to accommodate some additional needs that would serve the firm and its clients better: a.Spaces for organizing corporate events within the premises.
b.A space for kids to spend time while their parents are having consultation sessions or meetings. c.Spaces that nurture colleague’s communications
The brand-new office should be crafted according to modern aesthetics and provides the design team with a creativity-provoking work environment while realizing the company's innovative concept to provide local property owners with an unparalleled interior design experience.

Hei Design Interiors

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