IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Home is the universe · Freedom is unbounded

by Wang Yunsheng

Project Description

"Art is about how one speaks to all." Home is not only a living space, but also conveys the owner's view of life and the world, carrying the grand and subtle personal aesthetic, forming a "colorful fun as the beginning of the cloud trip." The high duplex connects different functional spaces, and the open space construction rules, through the lines, elevation, material and color carving, with ideology and natural flow line design to complete the logical line of space. The richly endowed open field of vision and greenery suddenly come to the restaurant, becoming a huge background painting. The ritual sense of three meals a day and the pleasant dining environment become the background color of daily life, enriching the taste of food and the color of the scene every time.

Wang Yunsheng

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