IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Hangzhou Zhonggaole Golf Sports Center


Project Description

The scheme uses virtual scenes in the meta-universe as design inspiration to provide a variety of meta-universe concepts, including future worlds, science fiction worlds, and fantasy worlds. Learn from the background and scene elements of the meta-universe, use color, material, pattern and other design elements, and use the scientific and technological achievements in the meta-universe as design elements, such as virtual reality, intelligent devices and so on.
"Facade" in this case, the facade design adds a curved curve to the hard line, and the strength is soft and beautiful. These lines will lead customers through the mysterious entrance into each space. The facade, the facade that carries the futuristic sense of the project, is shaped by the designers into the shape of space. Clear design elements, with streamlined light source lines, let people full of endless reverie. Customers seem to walk in the night, walking in the future, walking in different dimensions. Find the true self in the true and the unreal.
The overall space of the "tandem positioning area" is created using the blue gray color system, the wall is decorated with blue line lights, and the glass curtain wall is used in the south entrance area, making the sense of space stronger. The scattered line lights are arranged on the acrylic decorative pillars, reflecting more figures. The ceiling is also made of acrylic material, making the space more layered and the visual effect more broad. The floor is paved with smooth tiles, making the blue and gray system of the entire space more prominent.
When designing the stadium, it is necessary to take into account the overall style and atmosphere of the stadium, so as to meet the needs of football friends to relax and enjoy golf in the stadium. The corridor layout is flexible and changeable. According to the needs of the players, curved lines and straight lines are used to design and decorate the space, and the space is adjusted and changed to increase the interest and challenge of the arena. The design of the arena is well matched with sound and lighting Settings to provide a comfortable atmosphere and visual effects.
"Balcony outside the corridor" design inspiration from the universe stars, science and technology blue main tone to create a strong future atmosphere, entertainment space design color is very important, to convey the mood of the space, lighting and modeling, a significant sense of the future, a sense of science and technology linear lighting, metal mirror wall, different boxes different theme style, carefully designed lighting rhythm, unpredictable, Create a fantastic time and space shuttle effect, color collocation fashion harmony, integration of space and space design elements.
The overall space of box A "Cosmo" combines the concepts of "universe" and "KTV", giving people a fashionable and high-tech feeling.
Fashion cool science and technology sense of entertainment space design, modern entertainment space design needs continuous iteration, in order to meet the user's consumer visual sense, this case to golf, party, karaoke, wine, business, etc. based, the entire space to gold, the use of a large number of linear atmosphere lights, during the addition of metal mirror decoration, to create a future experience of science and technology,It also extends the infinite sense of space, enchanting line light belt, photoelectric Rubik's mirror reflects different light and shadow effects, better highlighting the entertainment and advanced sense of the box! Box B "Galaxy Kara" combines the words "galaxy" and "karaoke", which is romantic and adventurous. At the same time, the introduction of intelligent sound system, multimedia equipment, music and video into the space design experience, according to the needs and preferences of customers, design a variety of different specifications and styles of private rooms, provide privacy and personalized services, at the same time, provide exclusive audio equipment and high-quality sound effects for the box. To enable customers to enjoy music and singing in a comfortable environment. Room C "Nebula Melody" draws on the beauty of the nebula, while emphasizing the theme of the music and expressing the charm of the music. The technological entertainment space reflects a sense of the future and technology in the layout and decoration. The use of clean lines and science-fiction decorative materials, coupled with electronic music and tech-themed furnishings, together to create a sense of technology and futuristic atmosphere. Lighting design is a very important part of the party KTV decoration, which can create a different atmosphere and effect. We chose a colorful LED lighting system to make the whole space more cool.
Box D "Cosmic Symphony" combines "universe" and "symphony", emphasizing the theme of music, combining high-tech and romantic elements. Add technological elements to the design. The use of LCD screen and LED lights to produce a variety of dynamic effects, so that customers can enjoy the music at the same time can also experience the novelty of technology.
Box E "Aurora Tone" mimics the colors and atmosphere of the aurora to create a whimsical feeling, unique and stylish. Modern, futuristic elements such as LED lighting effects, holographic projection, smart sound, etc. The intelligent lighting control system can automatically adjust according to the song and scene, creating a more dynamic atmosphere, bringing a strong visual impact and shock to the space, so that consumers feel an unprecedented music entertainment experience.
The "Data analysis room" adopts simple and tough straight lines in the current space design, and adopts multiple groups of straight lines with different intervals to separate the facade, creating a vigorous and clean atmosphere. These straight lines contrast sharply with the vertical columns, enriching the rhythmic changes throughout the space. "Golf Workshop" in addition to the traditional golf course facilities, in the golf workshop to add a bowling practice area, swing practice area, golf brand stores and other diversified facilities to meet the needs of different people.
The "bar area" has a sense of technology and cool, so that your senses can be impacted in a second. The bar is "cyberpunk" style as the keynote, giving people a visual impact, the biggest feature is a sense of science and technology, a sense of the future. A variety of high-tech products make people dizzying, and the concept of "immersive bar" has also been born. The equipment inside is not only full of technology, but also can make you feel a sense of stimulation, relaxation and pleasure. The perfect combination of tradition and modernity makes you feel a strong cultural atmosphere. The soft lights emit a faint glow, illuminating the entire bar and creating a romantic and mysterious atmosphere. Enjoy the perfect blend of technology and music to immerse your mind and body in the unique atmosphere of the bar. The clever use of sound and electricity in the space enables consumers to resonate with the site in the changing environment.


Qingdao Liu Ke Design Decoration Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao, China It is a professional studio with culture construction and brand building as the core Committed to commercial space design and brand building The service field covers chain brands, entertainment KTV, bars, fitness, fashion stores and office space The feature is scene innovation, especially good at the design of new indoor golf combined with entertainment space Successfully filled the gap in the domestic market Liu Ke team to achieve the brand business objectives as the core By refining brand value and systematic thinking To provide the best practical landing space solution for the brand's commercial marketing problems.

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