IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Cathay Securities Corporation

by Mode On Design

Project Description

The detail-oriented securities company gains its unique feel through the aesthetics and atmosphere of the boutique design. Mellow building elements such as lights, lines, glass, wood hues, and carpets break the impression of a rigid and dull office and create a low-key yet luxurious space. The open layout opens up the space and creates a path for light and shadow to flow freely. Meanwhile, it brings the much-needed green to unwind both guests and employees and dial down the visual stimulation, realizing a friendly and stress-free work environment.
The exterior of the building is made of glass curtains. Like a glass box, it reflects the light and creates a dazzling effect. Given that the vertical height of the interior space is up to 6 meters, the concept of the glass box is again introduced into the space by using wood panels on the top and bottom to limit the height of the space. The glass panels define the reception room. With embedded light bands, the space feels like a shimmering jewelry box, oozing a low-profile yet luxurious vibe. The open seating area and the reception area can be regarded as glass boxes without physical forms. The interplay of lights enhances the space's luxurious feel. The perforated mesh above the walkway maintains the original visual height and adds rich layers to the space. In the seemingly divided space, the interrelationships between the areas are linked by the light bands.
Incorporating the 50-degree cutting line into the entrance is like shaping a diamond from a rough stone into a faceted gem. The details imply the space behind is adorned with sparkle and light. When turning around, one is right in front of the reception area at the entrance and can overlook Cathay Financial Center from a distance. The faux fair-faced concrete panels, along with light-toned wood veneer, create a warm base for the space, while the furniture pieces in saturated bright orange add instant energy and vibrancy. The reception room features glass panels to extend the depth of view. In the middle section, glass screens are sandblasted with matte finishes to create more privacy. In addition to the regular tables and chairs, the meeting room is equipped with stadium seating at the back to accommodate more people. The greenery reduces stress levels in the fast-paced workplace.

Mode On Design

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