IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

GREENTOWN- The Osmanthus Grace

by Ju Li

Projet Description

Characteristics: The square room outlines an open aura with moderate relaxation and appropriate movement;
Design: The ceremonial sense of the entrance hallway;
Daylighting: Good daylighting with the unbounded and open view, making the space warmer;
Social: The large living room and dining space can accommodate kinship families to share meals all together;
Art: The design of the kitchen is both Chinese and Western-style, the integration of function and art.
Atmosphere: The en-suite primary bedroom has a large bay window, a walk-in wardrobe, and a private bathroom. The ultimate design can also embrace a quiet and orderly life.
Design concept: With the theme of modern, cosmopolitan, and calmness, we will create a modern, boutique, and luxury residence. The wood decoration combined with the luxurious stone background and the embellishment of metal displays, bright wall coverings, and the form of modern lamp troughs highlights the whole space, reflecting modern charm, giving the client a simple and comfortable feeling.
Regarding the details, they are designed very delicately and become a kind of combination so that you can see that the details become decorations to simplify the main body.
In overall design, we use the method of building a large-scale space without too much decoration and connect the basement with the natural stairs. Thus, the basement can be more harmonious and coordinated. The background is a large water bar, and it combines with the ceiling lamp film, becoming a reflection of family life.

Ju Li

Since graduation, she has been engaged in building decoration for more than ten years. She has rich experience in decoration design and on-site cooperation and won many honors for her professional design ability and quality service.
Her awards:
The "Top 100 Interior Design Figures from 2014 to2015" at the 10th China International Building Decoration and Design Expo;
The project "Greentown Magnolia Garden Zhenyuan B5 Showroom" won the 2015 International Space Design Award Idea-Tops Best Showroom Design Finalist;
The "Outstanding Designer" of the 2021 Fine Decoration Project of the Western Zhejiang Regional Group.

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