IDPA Japan Design Award

Gallery Scenery


Project Description

A gallery is a passage and a manifestation of one’s mood. Through the designers' resourcefulness and creativity, the project redefines the relationship between the gallery and the space. To elaborate, the gallery is a transition area for movement and a unique scene. The living environment adds layers and depth by interweaving the light from the windows and the view from the hall, bringing a new spatial experience to the residents.
For this project, the style of the courtyard of Chinese garden architecture is well executed . With the hall as garden, the room as a courtyard, and the passage as a gallery, the designer has produced a rhythmic spatial atmosphere. Besides, wood veneer and marble are planned in the space to create a warm and unique tone. On the other hand, the chased metal grille is set up in the primary movement line to present a hidden visual effect, reflecting the symbolic nature of the gallery. Through the designer's delicate planning in the primary and secondary space, the right stopping point of the movement line cleverly allows the scene to be interspersed and staggered, like one walking in the Chinese garden architecture of the gallery. This project has a modern style and comes with a solid artistic vibe.
For this project, the designer combines modern materials as well as sophisticated craftmanship to redefine the layout of shared and private living spaces. With the designers' careful planning of each area and the unique arrangement of corridors, a modern house with a garden image is well delivered. The combination of the interior view and the expansive view from the windows creates a poetic and picturesque look, allowing the residents to immerse themselves in the gorgeous living space and enjoy their happy lifestyle.
Over 70% of green building materials are planned in the entire residence, including super wear-resistant wood flooring with European certification and the Green Building Material Label, which fulfills the four major environmental points, including healthy living, ecological health, human health, and global sustainability. The interior space uses diatomaceous earth characteristics to regulate the air humidity and odor, providing residents with a refreshing and comfortable living environment. LED energy-saving lighting fixtures are installed to achieve energy-saving and carbon-reducing effects.


Design Concept
The environment subtly influences people, and aesthetics can turn the space into poetry and shape our society from inside out.
Design Concept
From the observation of different lifestyles
Deepen the experience of the five senses
Integration of forward thinking and technology
Exploring the development of the nature of interior and architectural space
The demand for details and quality
This is reflected in the detailed touch of our design
Careful and meticulous, treating every detail with sincerity and carefulness

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