IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

FUPIN Nanjing

by Sun Architect & Associates Ltd.

Project Description

The architectural design venture is located on the bustling Nanjing East Road in the heart of Taipei, Taiwan. This area is widely recognized as "Taipei's Wall Street" because it has an abundance of commercial banks and corporate headquarters. This project aims to erect a towering edifice that can fulfill several functions, such as offering commercial space, serving as offices, and providing congregate housing. The architects and designers must carefully navigate the delicate balance between the property owners and property developers as the design team embarks on redeveloping an existing, long-standing structure. Most importantly, the architect must also take into consideration the city's landscape, the preservation of the ground floor space, and other public interests while ensuring compliance with government regulations and scrutiny. Due to the complexity of the building, the architect must thoughtfully plan the floor configuration, circulation, spatial pattern, lobby, vertical system, and utility system to effectively address the potential conflicts that may arise from the distinct spaces with varying purposes. This is a significant challenge that the design team must overcome with skill and precision.
When planning the open space on the ground floor of the building, the architect takes into account the neighboring land use control, the urban layout, and the environmental impact. The architect also prioritizes the arcade passageway, flow of the surrounding area for pedestrians and vehicles, as well as the connection of the exterior space. The team also coordinates landscape design, greenery, and public-interest-related planning to create an accessible, visible, and barrier-free environment. This approach maximizes the building's positive impact on the community.
The building's floor distribution considers the varying demands for different types of spaces. The first to fifth floors are designated for commercial and office purposes, with larger units available at the base of the main building. Conversely, the sixth to twenty-second floors are designed for congregate housing, with smaller floor areas forming the structure’s body. According to regulations, high-rise buildings with over 15 floors must have setbacks. This results in a building constructed in three distinct levels: "The Thick and Firm Base," "The Stable Lower Body," and "The Elegant Upper Body."
During the planning phase, the design team meticulously attends to every detail. This includes the floor plan, structural system, facade openings, balcony placements, grille embellishments, and roof framing. The architect employs precise design techniques, sharp styles, and appropriate materials to seamlessly integrate structural mechanics and aesthetics. The result is a building that exudes majesty.
The billboards outside the commercial space on the ground level of the building are positioned in accordance with the column position and the division lines of the façade. Meanwhile, the open space is designed with simplicity and brightness, featuring decorations such as planting, paving, and lighting that create a natural, pleasant, and multi-layered garden landscape. This space provides residents with a comfortable resting area and a barrier-free walking path.
The building is designed with balcony and grille elements, creating a concave and convex appearance that provides shade and recreational opportunities for residents. Additionally, this design effectively conceals the outdoor air conditioning unit, preventing any visual clutter. The architect's ingenuity is evident in the roof design, which is framed to echo the property developer's corporate logo. This adds a touch of sophistication and highlights the corporate brand image.
The impressive building, meticulously planned and executed by the skilled architect, is set to revolutionize the urban landscape by becoming a new iconic landmark. Its fresh and modern style, eye-catching beauty, and magnificent vibe will surely add an exciting new dimension to the area. Moreover, the architects have ensured the continuity of the business area's spatial pattern by designing an arcade that connects nearby buildings along the primary roadside. The team also creates open spaces and landscape facilities on the secondary road and atrium side to create a welcoming and accessible common area. The top floor of the building is simply breathtaking, offering a stunning panoramic view of the Greater Taipei area, including Taipei 101, the riverbank, and the mountains, providing residents with an opportunity to appreciate the region’s urban and natural beauty.
For this project, the design team is committed to the concept of developing sustainable architecture, from matching the blueprint of a green-axis city, to retreating the floors of the building to provide terraces and roofs with enhanced greenery, as well as installing rainwater storage and infiltration tanks to recycle rainwater resources. At the same time, the architect strengthens the building’s disaster prevention system and implements an eco-friendly structure. The building is accessible to individuals with all sorts of physical abilities, and this project also has received multiple certifications, including “Structure Accreditation Building”, “Green Building”, and “Intelligent Building”. It is a massive recognition to the architectural design team and a firm assurance of the residents’ health, convenience, comfort, and safety.

Sun Architect & Associates Ltd.

Sun Architect & Associates Ltd. was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1992 with a primary emphasis on the local market. In 2003, the corporation expanded its operations and established an overseas branch office. Sun Architect & Associates Ltd. opened its office in Shanghai one year later in 2004.
The main logo of Sun Architect & Associates Ltd. is based on the Chinese character of its founder, Mr. Lin Shangyi. The logo symbolizes a building and a castle, which represents the company's culture of being practical and stable. The color red represents the company's passion and liveliness for planning and designing.  
Our founder, Sun Lin, is the inspiration behind our company's name, Sun A+A. Our logo combines the English letter S with a Chinese character, representing the notions of Sunrise and upward growth. This reflects our positive and ambitious entrepreneurial spirit. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients with the best possible environment.
Our firm possesses extensive expertise in the specialized fields of long-term care center planning, tourism and recreational facilities, and hot spring resort planning, in addition to the mainstream commercial real estate design field. We have diligently accumulated a wealth of experience in planning and design within these specialized areas over the years.
Our firm is a proud founding member of the Hot Spring Tourism Association of the Republic of China. We have participated in numerous hot spring development projects throughout the Greater China region, and boast extensive and professional consulting experience in hot spring development. This unique characteristic sets us apart. The Grand Cosmos Resort Ruisui Hualien is a truly exceptional international tourist hotel, having been awarded the prestigious "Five Stars of Excellence" by the Tourism Bureau, and we are thrilled to be associated with it.

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