IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

ForTea · Peony Pavilion Flower Tea Packaging

by Zhiguojun PANG

Project Description

The product planning aims to cater to the growing trend of young people gifting tea. The series revolves around the themes of Eastern romance and tea-infused love letters. Each edition presents a carefully selected assortment of famous teas, packaged in tea-flavored letter gift boxes with unique themes. Through the use of Chinese famous teas, Eastern flavors, and expressions, it narrates classical Eastern love stories and conveys messages of love in the Chinese tradition.
The love letters are written using tea and incorporate the ancient and profound symbol of the "double happiness" knot, representing eternal unity. The packaging prominently features a heart-shaped design. For the initial release, the packaging incorporates illustrations from the IP of "The Peony Pavilion," a masterpiece written by Tang Xianzu(A well-known ancient great opera writer, writer, and educator in China), often referred to as the "Shakespeare of the East," over four hundred years ago. It takes readers on a captivating journey between reality and illusion, evoking deep emotions. The flowing water represents the melody of a qin, the mountains and rocks serve as percussion, while the flowers, birds, insects, and plants harmonize in a chorus. The gentle movement of wind and water creates a symphony, and the aroma of tea brings a tranquil ambiance. This product is dedicated to consumers who have a passion for and actively promote Chinese traditional culture.
The initial packaging features a frosted transparent outer box, symbolizing the dreamy and illusory nature of "The Peony Pavilion." The packaging design exhibits a systematic and expandable approach, with the "double happiness" knot as the primary visual element. In subsequent releases, different series of products can be introduced continuously by incorporating matching exclusive colors and illustrations based on collaborative themes. This combination of topical communication and brand reinforcement ensures the ongoing success of the brand.

Zhiguojun PANG

Graduated from the School of Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts, and the School of Design, Griffith University; Co-founder/Creative Director of Yensu Cultural Creativity(Beijing) Inc; Intermediate Arts and Crafts Designer in Visual Communication Design; Recipient of the Design Career New Talent Award at the China Design 40-Year Commendation Conference;
Visiting Expert at the Continuing Education School of the Central Academy of Fine Arts(CAFA.CES); Visiting Lecturer at the School of Culture and Media, Central University of Finance and Economics/Design Art College, China Women's University; Member of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda); Member of the International Council of Visual Arts (ICVA); Member of the China Europe International Design Culture Association (CEIDA); Member of the China-Korean Idea Design Association (CKIDA); National Committee Member of the Design Committee of the China Packaging Federation (CDC); Member of the China Industrial Design Association (CIDA); Professional Member of the China Interior Decoration Design Association (CIDA); Professional Member of the China Creative Designer Salon (CDS); Full Member of the Capital Corporation Image Institution,.China (CCII); Member of the Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Organization (BIDPO);
Design Philosophy:
Embracing the philosophy of "Unleashing the potential of small designs on paper to create extraordinary designs in the world," I embody the "new consumption" business model. With market strategy as our foundation and creativity as our core, and I strive to achieve the perfect fusion of consumer groups, creative strategies, and client needs. Through our sharp market insights and by incorporating local brand development background, I have formulated a range of refined theories to elevate the business performance and experiences of our diverse clientele.Furthermore, as a bridge between academia and society, I wanted to dismantle the barriers of the ivory tower and seamlessly integrate commercial design concepts into academic design education. This empowers students to gain early exposure, deep understanding, and rapid mastery of work methods, enabling them to adapt seamlessly to the dynamic commercial design environment.
Personal Achievements:
The works have won more than 60 awards, including the IF Design Award, the Red Dot Award, the Golden Point Design Award, the IDA Award, the ROI Festival Award, the China Design Red Star Award, the China Design Star Award, the Packaging Star Award. The works have been invited to participate in international and domestic exhibitions multiple times. Among them:
2009: Selected for the Icograda International Design Congress Beijing Design Week Exhibition; 2010: Selected for the Icograda Seoul Global Design City Activity Exhibition; 2013: China Design Red Star Award; 2014: Red Dot Design Award ×2; 2014: ROI Festival Award, Gold Award/Silver Award/Bronze Award/Nomination Award; 2014: IF Design Award; 2015: Golden Point Design Award; 2016: IF Design Award; 2016: China Design Red Star Award; 2016: China Tourism Commodity Competition, Gold Award; 2016: "Beijing Gift" Tourism Commodity Competition, Gold Award; 2017: Red Dot Concept Design Award; 2017: China Design Red Star Award; 2021: Selected for the Gwangju International Design Biennale in South Korea; 2022: China Packaging Star Design Award, Excellence Award×3; 2022: Selected for the Seoul Design Week in South Korea; 2022: Dongguan International CBD Logo Collection Competition, Winning Bid Award; 2022: Dongguan Waterfront Logo Collection Competition, Excellence Award; 2023: China Design 40-Year Commendation Conference: Design Career New Talent Award 2023: Selected for the China-Spain 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations Cultural and Artistic Activities Exhibition; 2023: Selected for the China-Korea 30th Anniversary of Design Exchange Cultural and Artistic Activities Exhibition; 2023: Selected for the Gwangju International Design Biennale in South Korea; 2023: Selected for the Suwon International Poster Exhibition in South Korea; 2023: IDA International Design Award, Bronze Award; 2023: China Star Design Award, Silver Award; 2023: China Star Design Award, Excellent Award 2023: International Golden Creative Chinese Design Award, Silver / Bronze / Excellent Award; 2023: Golden Block International Design Award, Excellent Award×2/ Finalist Award×2; 2023: Selected for the Asia-Pacific Visual Arts Exchange Exhibition×2; 2023: Asian Youth Rookie Award, 1st Prize / 2rd Prize×2 / 3nd Prize ×4 /Contribution to the Design Industry Award;; 2023: Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award(HK·CACR), Gold Award×2/ Silver Award×3 2023: Hong Kong Young Designers Award(YDA), Excellence Award×3/Finalist Award /Excellent Guidance Teacher Award 2023: Hong Kong Digital Art Design Competition(HK·DADC), 1st Prize/ 2nd Prize×2/Third Prize /Excellent Award; 2023: Cannes Kinstein International Design Award, Silver Award/Nomination Award; 2023: London China Art Exchange Exhibition, Silver Award/Bronze Award×6 /Excellent Guidance Teacher Award; 2023: China Regional Competition of the American New Concept Design Art Award.1st Prize / 2rd Prize×2 / 3nd Prize×2 / Honorable Mention×3; 2024: The 1st International Cultural Heritage Exchange Art Competition(Korea), Silver Award / Bronze Award / Finalist Award/ Special Invitation Exhibition Award; 2024: Bauhaus Prize International Design Competition, Bauhaus Prize (Highest Award) / Silver Award / Excellent Works Award; 2024:Global Finals of the American New Concept Design Art Award. 1st Prize×2 / 2nd Prize / 3rd Prize×2; Utility Model Patents: "CN202221351738 - Magic Square Bird's Nest Packaging"; Design Patents: "CN202230185218 - Purple Leather Bird's Nest Packaging"; "CN202230185236 - Orange Leather Bird's Nest Packaging"; "CN202230179999 - Red Leather Bird's Nest Packaging"; "CN202230177065 - Hexagonal Tinplate Dendrobium Packaging"; "CN202230179907 - Arctic Cod Fish Glue Packaging"; "CN202230179910 - Carbon Fiber Cordyceps Packaging"; "CN202230179929 - White Instant Bird's Nest Packaging"; "CN202230179946 - Blue Tin Box American Ginseng Packaging"; "CN202230179948 - White Sea Cucumber Packaging"; "CN202230180003 - Bottled Cordyceps Velvet Packaging"; "CN202230185024 - Blue American Ginseng Packaging"; "CN202230185184 - Magic Cube Bird's Nest Packaging"; "CN202230731886 - Korean Ginseng Honey Slices - Candied Iron Box Packaging"; "CN202230731903 - Ginger and Mugwort Foot Soak Pack - Self-standing Bag Packaging"; "CN20223036438 - Square Arc-shaped American Ginseng Packaging"; "CN202230179930 - Two-tone American Ginseng Packaging";

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