IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Energy China·Imprint Orient Sales office

by Goodlinks Design

Project Description

Taking Song Dynasty aesthetics as its main tone, the design of this sales center features wood veneer and marble, complemented by copper elements. This combination creates a space that is both simple and elegant, as well as serene and dignified. The overall design emphasizes order and harmony, while also incorporating delicate details that exude a distinct refinement. Elements such as tea ceremonies, flower arrangements, and incense rituals are subtly integrated into the design, paying homage to their significance in Song Dynasty culture. Today, these elements serve as a means for modern individuals to relax, nourish their mind and body, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for life. Engaging in these practices can enhance personal cultural literacy and enrich one's spiritual journey.
The lobby's background wall is beautifully decorated with a combination of layered mountain-patterned marbles and wave-patterned copper plates. The marble pattern, resembling "layers of mountains upon mountains," creates an immersive and visually stunning experience that is unparalleled. The addition of mirrors on both sides further enhances the majestic beauty and grandeur of this exquisite design.
The property model display space incorporates the layout of "four waters return to the hall", seamlessly blending the essence of Hui-style traditional residence culture with modern design. It encompasses Chinese-style architecture within its enclosed courtyards, embodying the concept of "hiding from the wind and embracing the energy". The chandelier descends from above like cascading water drops, symbolizing the accumulation of wealth and prosperity, as well as conveying the harmonious coexistence with the surrounding natural landscape of mountains and rivers.
The negotiation area's ceiling beautifully incorporates elements inspired by the sea of clouds, creating a captivating ambiance that resembles the surging blue sea, with waves splashing and crashing, echoing to the marble floor. The back panel of the water bar cabinet is crafted from luminous jade, which, when illuminated, creates a dreamy effect that is both ethereal and distant. This design exudes the elegance and luxury of natural marble patterns, while also showcasing a modern artistic flair.
The VIP room's ceiling extends the concept of the sea of clouds, creating a harmonious connection with the negotiation area. The fusion of Ming Dynasty-style furnishings and modern design approaches adds a dynamic and lively touch to the space with the contrasting black and red colors.
The design team has successfully transformed the concept of "high mountains and flowing water" into visually appealing symbols. By incorporating cultural heritage and natural elements, they have created a visually stunning presence that captivates the visitors with its attention to details, creating a truly remarkable visual experience.

Goodlinks Design

Goodlinks Design was founded in Taiwan in 1981, to offer design services for large developers in the region. The company's founder, Shih Nan-Ciao, is revered for his expertise in space utilization and has earned the fame of "space magician". In 1998, the company relocated its headquarters to Shanghai. Over the years, Goodlinks Design has expanded its business to include various services like land planning, product positioning, architectural design, landscape design, interior design, and soft decoration design. The company has broadened its design scope and now caters to shopping malls, hotels, leisure, entertainment spaces, and other types of projects. Goodlinks Design has a strong focus on professional space arrangement, style control, and design techniques, and has designed thousands of properties for leading developers in China. The company's vision has expanded, and it has started its internationalization with expansions in Saipan, California, and Malaysia.

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