IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Meser Quilt

by Nantong Keruiya Home Textiles Co., Ltd

Project Description

Meser Quilt is made of a bio-based phase change material (PCM) through melt spinning. This adaptive bio-based PCM can absorb or release heat according to different room temperatures to help keep the human body at a constant temperature and make users feel more comfortable. If the room temp is high, Meser Quilt will change its solid phase to liquid phase by absorbing surrounding heat. It will turn to the solid phase from the liquid phase to release heat when the room temp is low. This dynamic adjustment is helpful to keep users cozy and fresh. In addition, Meser Quilt takes a microorganism management plan from New Zealand, making it resistant to bacteria, mites, and mildew through extracted natural minerals, thus helping create a clean and healthy sleeping environment while being soft and skin-friendly. Meser Quilt features a triple-layer inner structure with densely woven top and bottom layers to resist cold and a fluffy and thermal middle layer to keep warm. It has obtained the CPC (Children's Product Certificate) of the United States and the CCC (China Compulsory Certification) of China.

Nantong Keruiya Home Textiles Co., Ltd

Nantong Keruiya Home Textiles Co., Ltd is an enterprise focusing on fashion home textile bedding, with Meser as the main brand. The brand's core - Love and Freedom is the basic principle for all our business activities, guiding us to develop products that bring physical and mental free sleep and embody the love for family members.
Our company covers three main lines: duvets, pillow cores, and mattresses. We select raw materials from all over the world, such as Lenzing Tencel from Austria, Pima cotton from America, and down from Hungary, and we also cooperate with sci-tech enterprises of Switzerland and New Zealand in multiple ways, focusing on creating user-friendly products.
We have obtained the CPC (Children's Product Certificate) accredited by CPSC of the United States, and we stay committed to providing high-quality sleep experiences for all ages with children's product standards.

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