IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Luo Xiaobao

Projet Description

The residential proiect covers an area of164m2. For hardcover delivery, the ownercommunicates with the voung couple anothe newborn child. From the beginning ofthe design, he can feel the customer's pursuit of quality of life and chooses aminimalist style as the design expression ofthe house.
At the beginning of the desian,the ownergave a lot of restrictions. The door was notchanged,the wooden floor was notchanged, the partial ceiling was not changed,etc.However, the original finedecoration style did not match the owner'sfavorite stvle, so it was full of challenges tothis project,including many unexpectedproblems in the construction stage of theproject.
The living room uses calm and warm naturacolors, mainly wood, art paint and is generous and simple, elegantand modern. There is no lack of practicalfunctions in the minimalist layout
The curved element extending to the cornerof the wall not only solves the problem ofthe positive angle but also makes the spaceextend and echoes with the curved ceiling.The smooth and smooth curved corner walof the background wall makes the spacevery light.
The intersection of paint and wooddecoration overlaps cold and warm, and thestaggered high and low form a"contradictory' space color separationbalconv is intended to divide the space arcextension is intended to create a soft andgentle feeling in the fusion space.
The study has both entertainment functionatmosphere and materials to maintain theunity of the whole house, to meet differentstorage needs,and the wooden color settinghighlights the sense of delicacy and high-end.
Extremely simple and warm,with a largearea of white space as the carrier, adheringto the attitude of simplicity and reduction,the design language of the overall bedroomemphasizes the exclusive sense of sexyartistic aesthetics, and the overall colormatching assists a clear and bright rhythm.

Luo Xiaobao

Luo Xiaobao
Design concept:
One Flower, One World, One Design
Good design can make people happy and relaxed
Less is more, flowing space
Educational background:
Graduated from Loudi Vocational and Technical School

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