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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

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Projet Description

This case is a whisky bar located in the core commercial district of Nanning Greenland Central Plaza, with a total area of 300m².
Taking time as a clue, montage jumping, thinking from sensory experience/cognitive experience, isolating from the mediocre reality of the city, exploring the past and the future, blurring the boundary of time, space-carrying time travel, entering the dreamland, letting go of the burden, and enjoying pleasure.
In terms of materials, we use raw and rough waste soil to contrast with high-reflective materials such as glass/stainless steel that are sufficiently industrial and modern. At the same time, it is implanted in the laboratory as a carrier that can change everything. It seems that I don't know which universe I'm going to, creating a mysterious sense of unknown, so the mood also constitutes the difference of imagination.
For the bar on the first floor, we adopted a combination of laboratory installations and added streamers to strengthen the theme and increase interaction with customers. The illuminated wine wall uses mirror stainless steel to magnify the visual experience. With the addition of smoke beams and imagination for the future, the entire floor shows a young and artistic atmosphere.
The second floor is built with some wasteland elements of future cyberpunk, reflecting the atmosphere of ancient times. In addition, many sculptures and laboratory products have been transformed, and some presentation methods of whiskey distillation machines have been transformed. It mainly fits a kind of artistic conception of cyber. After the city is abandoned in the future, the combination and coexistence of mankind and technology will bring a brand new experience to the whiskey bar.

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