IDPA Japan Design Award

Design of Shenxianju Leyu B & B Hotel


Projet Description

After being in the hustle and bustle for a long time, people always have a deep yearning for nature. This is a kind of sentiment, which comes from the love of life, the attachment to the original heart, the desire for freedom, and even the pursuit of "useless" non-necessities. Our new project, Leyu Homestay, is transformed from a ruined farm house. It is located in the center of the 5A-level scenic spot "Shenxianju", with the taste of ink painting from the south of the Yangtze River. Upon first receiving the commission, the designer learned that the farm house has a history of more than ten years. It has been vacant for many years, the structure is chaotic and simple, and the construction is inconvenient. It is very challenging to build a home here. After many communications, the designer was touched by the determination of the owner, and at the same time believed that the challenge was also an opportunity. The designer respects and treats the local culture with care. After combining the owner's demands, he decided to seek a balance between the reconstruction of the old house and the space innovation, so that the building can grow harmoniously in a modern sense without becoming tacky.



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