IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Dongdao Group Corporate Lobby Center

by Shenzhen Hetian Design Engineering Co. LTD (Hawen Lin, Jay Chen, Carol Chen, Halaso Luo)

Project Description

Dongdao Group is situated in the ASEAN Industrial Park, Fenyong High-tech Zone, Leizhou Peninsula, characterized by gentle terrain, low elevation, and a predominantly plateau topography.
Drawing inspiration from sunlight, nature, and technology, the essence of the design incorporates the infusion of art and culture, creating a space that provides solace for the soul and a sense of spiritual belonging within the industrial park. The unique significance of instilling a "sense of place" aligns with the spirit of industrial exploration, making it irreplaceable. The modern architectural blocks feature horizontal composition, orderliness, geometric and volumetric elements, color schemes, and refined design language. These elements are introduced into the interior, presenting a fusion of contemporary aesthetics and functionality. This design aims to establish the distinctive image of Dongdao Group and a modern energy enterprise environment.
The concept of "Nostalgic Peninsula, Memories of Leizhou" is proposed for the corporate space, emphasizing regional cultural values. Elements reflecting Leizhou's cultural heritage, including artistic creations inspired by Dongdao's products, particularly graphene mineral elements, and artworks incorporating common raw materials found in Dongdao, are integrated into the interior space. This amalgamation of elements showcases a modern, efficient, and comfortable corporate environment, contributing to the success of a great enterprise and embodying the values of a Chinese-style modernized corporate space.

Shenzhen Hetian Design Engineering Co. LTD (Hawen Lin, Jay Chen, Carol Chen, Halaso Luo)

Shenzhen Hetian Design Engineering Co. Ltd was founded in 2014, is a well-known interior design organization that has won many international awards, and is named after " Hetian", a design company that unites Chinese philosophical thinking. With [philosophical design methodology] insight into the true space creation, constructing the essence of the design, space design to bring the value of high spillover and high sales of commercial effects, while winning the majority of customers favorite. Hetian's mission and value is to provide human beings with the most simple, natural philosophy of space aesthetics. In recent years, we focus on real estate developers to provide the design of sales and marketing centers, model houses, high-end houses/villas, industrial office space, brand exhibition halls, hotels and clubs, etc., which cover the fields of small-scale architecture, indoor hard furnishings, soft furnishings, furniture products and other services.

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