IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

BRILLIANT CENTER- The Light of Zen Realm


Project Description

This project is a minimalist wooden style, showcasing not only the sublimation of aesthetics and taste, but also the ingenuity and wisdom in space utilization and planning. An indoor space that integrates natural elements, dominated by logs, with natural textures and colors, bringing a warm and peaceful atmosphere to residents. The designer carefully selects every piece of furniture and accessories, aiming to create a simple yet warm living environment.
In terms of color matching, natural colors of logs are used as the base tone, supplemented by white or elegant colors, to achieve visual comfort and relaxation. In terms of spatial layout, the designer cleverly utilizes natural light and introduces sufficient sunlight through large window designs, making the entire space bright and vivid. Meanwhile, the minimalist lines and layout effectively expand the visual space, allowing for a sense of spaciousness and freedom even in limited spaces.
In addition, attention is paid to the design of details, using furniture and decorations made of natural wood materials, combined with simple yet not simple decorations, each detail reflects the texture of life and the beauty of art. At this point, minimalist wooden interior design is not only a presentation of style, but also a reflection of the pursuit of quality of life, perfectly interpreting the aesthetic and taste of design.


As an experienced designer, I have my own design ideas and style. Each project is from hard decoration to soft decoration, lighting to main materials, customized for customers to create exclusive spaces. As a result, it has been favored by customers with high demand. My design philosophy is: less is more, let go of flashiness and see the truth; Digging into culture and history, giving new life to reinforced concrete through design, striving to make it long-lasting and unique. My professional qualifications and association positions include: Senior Interior Designer of the International Architectural Decoration Interior Design Association; Member of Canadian Association of Interior Designers; Executive Director of the Design Professional Committee of Yunnan Interior Decoration Industry Association; Member of the Chinese Architecture Society. My award-winning experience: 1. In 2010, the project "Reconsideration of Tuscany" won the "Top 10 Gold Award in Comprehensive Index" at the 2nd China Home Original Design Competition; 2. In 2023, the project "Black Fantasy - Jinmao International New City Villa" won the Gold Award in the Muse Interior Design of United States.

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