IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Diamond Towers

by Long Lin Construction Co., Ltd.

Projet Description

This project stands in the most important location in the city of Taipei, intending to create here a landmark worthy of the importance of the location. The mixed-use building’s structure consists of the famous department store from the 1st to 4th floor and residential areas above the 4th. Our design approach is to understand the overall urban content and the environment, trying to find a way for the new architecture to enhance the urban content now and in the future.

Long Lin Construction Co., Ltd.

Long Lin Construction Co., Ltd. was established back in 1979. From the earliest achievement on multi-dwelling units till the works of high-rise buildings nowadays, Long Lin Construction Co., Ltd. never stops persisting in the pursuit of quality and innovation of construction. That is why, Long Lin Construction Co., Ltd. has become a Taiwanese professional brand with leadership influence in the industry.
Long Lin Construction Co., Ltd. believes: “The people living in can turn a building into a home, while a home can always be a dream people fight for a lifetime.” Therefore, Long Lin Construction Co., Ltd., consisting of a group of architects, contemplates vision and strives for excellence. Long Lin Construction Co., Ltd. endeavors to complete one’s dream in life, persisting on the commitment of more than 30 years.

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