IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

DHA Gummy

by Herbalife Nutrition Product Innovation Center

Project Description

Dinosaurs are popular among children. Taking a cartoon dinosaur as the design core, the packaging for DHA Gummy provides additional value for the product in an interesting manner, which strikes a balance between ease of use and sustainability. The illustrations centred on the two-dimensional cartoon dinosaur draw inspiration from the key ingredient (DHA extracted from marine algae) of Gummy to tell interesting, funny stories, visually showing the premium quality and high nutritional value of the product. Such a design helps to win the hearts of children and gain parents’ trust.
The cartoon dinosaur as the core element applied to the outer packaging, inner packaging, and shape design of Gummy. The cartoon dinosaur occupies three outer faces of the outer packaging, and children can put multiple boxes side by side to form a complete dinosaur image, whereby to have a lot of fun. The silo carton design is subtly integrated into the illustration on the outer face of the box, and consumers are allowed to pull open it via the tear line and the indicative hand icon, which is like opening the mouth of the dinosaur to take Gummy out! The tooth-like arc-shaped structures lock the silo to close the box, and ensure a tight grip even after opening the box multiple times.
The inner side of the box is provided with simple line drawings and children are encouraged to color them, so as to enhance their hands-on ability. Diverse shapes (a dinosaur egg, a dinosaur claw or a small dinosaur) of Gummy give consumers a pleasant surprise as if they opened blind boxes, better making DHA Gummy emotionally engaging. Thanks to the individual inner packaging, the product is more hygienic, convenient to carry, and easy to share with friends when children socialize, which promotes the popularization of the brand. The Dr. Dinosaur on the individual inner packaging suggests that the product is able to improve intellectual development.
After the Gummies are eaten up, the non-laminated lightweight paper box made of 100% recyclable materials can act as a storage box, conveying the idea of sustainable development to children.

Herbalife Nutrition Product Innovation Center

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