IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Unusual Art Design Studio

Project Description

More important than designing space is connecting people with each other, CR LAND-CHANGSHA RUNFU is designed with this concept in mind, the design team connects the internal spatial layout and functional division of the building with the external landscape environment, and is committed to creating a quiet and private functional scene for the owners.
Walking in from the community lobby, the wall made of natural super-white travertine, the floor paved with international gray stone, and the main background wall with elegant stone as the backdrop, all three of them, through delicate combinations, form exquisite spatial relationships, giving the whole space an artistic flavor. The owners are able to enjoy a calm and elegant life in this resting space, away from the clamor of the city. Entering the elevated floor, the original wood color with art glass screen design, making the natural warm atmosphere wrapped the whole space. The articulation of dark wood finish matte metal enriches the touch of the material; with the change of light and shadow, it outlines the delicate and elegant space aesthetics.
The wall of the reading area adopts a large area of white, creating a pure space auspicious, arrayed doorway with green plants landscaping, for the transformation of space to form a soft border for enjoyment. It can become a link of emotional links between neighbors, and a double-layer functional space suitable for both adult interests and children's reading and growth. The gym is specially designed to meet the specific needs of the owners in sports and fitness, with a wide view and a well-planned dynamic line, so that the owners can let go of their fatigue and be physically fit here.
The walls and floors of the first-floor entrance lobby are made of imitation stone slab tiles, and the integration of delicate art glass screens encloses the ceremonial space of the hall, while the background wall of imitation landscape painting has a strong sense of texture and elegant lines, which becomes the focal point of the whole space.

Unusual Art Design Studio

Unusual Art Design Studio pursues more of Unusual design, extraordinary design and refuses to be the same. Dedicated to the presentation of humanities, landscape, and function, we strive to create comfortable, high-end, thoughtful and innovative works.Unusual Art Design Studio, founded by a team of senior designer partners, is a design brand that aims to provide high-end design services. Most of the designers have 10~15 years of design experience, and their design works include real estate, hotel, office, etc. Unusual Art Design Studio's design business covers business planning, indoor and outdoor space design, landscape design, FF&E design, lighting design, etc. We are committed to providing customized design services for high-end brands and owners. Unusual Art Design Studio is committed to providing customized integrated design services for high-end brands and owners.

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