IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by FiG

Project Description

Constellation, a members-only dessert bar in a certain location in Yokohama.
The charm emitted by this city is not only its novelty but also the depth of time felt from the preserved buildings and the city's structure for conducting trade. To embody a high-dimensional extraordinary space, two different spaces are created before reaching the counter, which serves as the stage. Each of these spaces is designed based on the processes involved in creating desserts and cocktails.
[Layer] A multi-layered material that seems to conceal even the space beyond it. An entrance guided by rainbow-colored light reflected by overlapping mirrors.
[Wrap] Walls and ceilings that resemble a single piece of fabric. It envelops the mind in the infinite tranquility of blue, disconnecting it from reality through the approach.
[Mold] Seating areas with constructed spaces that allow volumes to pour in, featuring carefully crafted details. Through trimming and aurora film, the everyday scenery becomes blurred, resembling a wall painting that changes moment by moment.
[Decorate] Private rooms where the contours of the adorned materials stand out, giving off a sparkling sensation. The exhilaration born from the accumulation of confusion and surprise in time.
We hope you can experience the exquisite space that awaits beyond and savor a superior experiential journey


symbolizing wealth, fruitful love, and the prosperity of offspring with the meaning of "fertility" and "prolificacy". Although written with the kanji for "無花果" (mikadzuki), fig trees actually produce numerous small white flowers within their fruits, which cannot be seen from the outside.
In this era of diverse information, where truth and falsehood coexist in various aspects, we believe that it is important not only to focus on outward beauty but also to appreciate the hidden richness, time, and enduring emotions that lie within.
By focusing on the unseen (Focus on the unseen) and advancing with originality and playfulness (Go forward with playful and originality), we strive to embrace two perspectives and create ideas, inspiration, innovation, and creativity that emerge from within.
Through design centered around interior spaces, we aim to materialize the client's aspirations, just as the name "FiG" (Fig) implies. We hope that people's hearts will become prosperous, generate abundance, and continue to be cherished and prospered for a long time to come.

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