IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Cong Banquet · Brand VIS

by Hangzhou Lance Brand Design Co., Ltd.

Project Description

The upscale banquet restaurant — Cong Banquet is strategically located in Liangzhu, a major civilized birthplace of China, which boasts a history that dates back approximately 5,300 years. The design team has meticulously developed a system of visual symbols to perfectly integrate the time-honored history of Liangzhu into the brand, narrating the unique brand story through Eastern aesthetics, whereby each guest can experience rich cultural heritage of Liangzhu while enjoying the delicacies.
This project, rooted in the philosophy of “tracing to the source, advocating for original flavors”, takes the culture of Liangzhua as its core while focusing on the aspects including the brand logo, color scheme, and symbolic patterns, embodying its deep understanding of atmosphere creation, emotion expressing, and cultural significance. The logo consists of the Chinese characters for the name, which are written in a calligraphic style, and a stamp featuring the Chinese characters for Liangzhu. The vigorous calligraphy style is not only a kind of visual art, but also conveys the brand’s ethos of continuous improvement and enduring prosperity. The characters for Liangzhu emphasize the brand’s regional characteristics, and highlight the profound influence of Liangzhu culture. The stamp reflects the artisan spirit of ancestors in Liangzhu, and suggests the brand’s pursuit of unique user experience and humanistic care.
As for color selection, dark black, jade yellow, and gold, as the brand’s standard colors, are closely connected with the spirit of Liangzhu culture: dark black gives a sense of mystery and professionalism; jade yellow echoes the color of Liangzhu archaeological site and related pottery, symbolizing history and tradition; gold suggests the upscale position of the restaurant, and peacock green as the auxiliary color represents auspiciousness and nature. These colors, along with jade cong, jade bi and other typical elements of Liangzhu culture, showcase a time-honored, elegant, noble and back-to-nature brand image. To further enhance the brand recognition, the design team has transformed classic elements of Liangzhu, like Jade Cong King and jade combs, into modern symbolic patterns, and applied them to brand materials like packaging and business cards, which strengthens the brand’s connection with consumers and enables Cong Banquet to stand out from most upscale restaurants.

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