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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Compare and Contrast


Project Description

“Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme” is the idea from the Tao Te Ching, presumably written by Laozi of the 6th century BC, one of the most famous and influential philosophical works in Chinese history. The owners of this case are husband and wife, and the designer follows the man’s stable character and the woman's intellectual elegance to break the space and introduces the contrasting characters of the two into the residential space, shaping a subtle style of residence. It is like day and night, the sun and the moon, yin and yang, simultaneously echoing each other.
For the shared living area, the designer adopts an open layout planning, integrating the living room, dining room, and kitchen into one, creating an open and bright activity area and maximizing the ping effect of the space. In addition, the designers' ingenious use of slanted flooring and LED lighting separates the living and dining areas from the kitchen. Walking toward the white-based living room, one will notice that the warm gray sofas and carpets are placed to submerge the space and simultaneously bring out a soft, comfortable, and relaxing texture and atmosphere. Moving back to the dining space, one will see the designer cleverly uses the latticework ceiling design to delineate the area and add visual layers. Along the dining table to the kitchen island, a sense of visual extension is quietly used to expand the feeling of space. On the side of the kitchen, a few metal panels are used on the wall, and the darker color scheme creates a sense of inner luxury. Moreover, the use of fine wood grain material is a finishing touch to dispel the cold and hard feeling brought by metal furniture, which echoes the gentle character of the mistress and the hard character of the man, complementing each other. In the master bedroom, the simple and clean configuration is complemented by warm wooden flooring and a soft bed, creating an exclusive resting space for the couple.
Through the designer’s careful planning and detailed execution, the contrasting personalities of the master and the mistress are cleverly combined and integrated into the space. Through the use of the contrasting color configuration, material texture, style, and other elements, the unique style of the space is revealed. The designer has created an aesthetic and functional living environment by combining modern aesthetics and living functions. In this way, the homeowner's wish for a home is fulfilled.
With the rise of environmental awareness, the project uses durable, environmentally friendly, and economical tiles, glass, wood, LEDs, fabrics, and iron materials to achieve the goal of energy saving, carbon reduction, and sustainable development. In addition, external windows in both the shared and private living areas let in much natural light and bathe the space in sunlight. In this way, turning on the lights during the daytime is unnecessary, and the users' demand for light can be satisfied, thus reducing the use of lamps, prolonging their life span, and reducing electricity consumption, thus achieving the effect of energy saving and carbon reduction. The project is not only based on aesthetics but also integrates the concepts of environmental friendliness and non-toxic health so that the residents can live in a healthy and safe environment.


Our firm is a registered and dual-licensed design company, and our designers have been in charge of multiple design projects through the years. Mastering the design techniques and the tacit understanding of the work team is like the cooking process; for different clients, we should serve distinct dishes and create multiple flavors. Our spatial presentation will be based on the client's needs and aesthetics. Design engineering combines force and beauty, reason and sensibility, ideal and reality, and science and art combined with experiences in the industry.
The designer's characteristics are also aptly combined with elegance and perseverance, softness and courage, and the playful and rebellious elements often seen in works' fusion of heterogeneous materials while remaining elegant, stable, and precise.
After all, design is a very time-and-effort-consuming job, and the construction process requires an unmistakable mind and sufficient physical strength to ensure the accuracy of each spatial link, which is the reason why we only take over the projects that we can handle and construct it with exquisite planning and delicate execution.

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