IDPA Japan Design Award

2024 International Design Pioneer Award | Japan Tokyo

Cilestial Palace

by Guangzhou Sammu Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

The Tianchen project, built by Logan Real Estate, is located in Wuxiang Lake, Nanning City, Guangxi Province. The unique geographical location and the integration of multiple ethnic groups make Nanning a rising bridge city. Morim Design proposes to integrate the functions of the sales center and the community library to realize a functional relationship of community cultural sharing, which can not only meet the commercial requirements at this stage, but also be sustainable in the future.
The design introduces the concept of community-style library. Breaking away from the traditional considerations of function and aesthetics, integrating natural scenery into the local humanistic spiritual framework. With a humanistic revival of the city, a beautiful picture of modern brushwork and Chinese culture is constructed, so that it shines with a new mission and glows with the humanistic temperament that belongs to the city.
Based on the concept of "community-style library", the designer uses modern minimalist aesthetics to construct, combined with reasonable movement planning. Through the towering and orderly wooden grille and the warm marble, the commercialization and social division of the space are realized, so that the space is quiet and full of rhythm.
The movement of the visit starts from the sand board area, the design breaks the boundaries of the area, and pays attention to the compositional aesthetics of still life in details. The "book" shaped sand table base is integrated into it, breaking through the simple depiction of the scene, which is not interesting.

Guangzhou Sammu Architectural Design Co., Ltd

Sammu Design 由拥有丰富高端专案经验及极具现代国际设计视野的设计师于2009年创立,公司以规范化的系统管理、先进的设计理念赢得客户的一致认可。以经营类空间设计为核心服务,涵盖高端酒店、公寓、会所、商业、办公、软装、景观及建筑策划。

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