IDPA Japan Design Award

Nanchang Hong Hai Vanke Sky City Sales Office

by Li Jian

Projet Description

"City in the Sky" means light, spiritual, floating, floating, transparent and dreaming.The exterior of the building is floor-to-ceiling windows, which are extremely wide. Feel the fullness and transparency of light when you are in the meantime. When you are outside, you can see the crystal clear scenery, jumping above the clouds. Borrowing scenes inside and outside are all suitable. The sky's intention and the architecture echo harmoniously. Cloud and water as one. How do you know that it is a building that reflects the tranquility of the lake? Or is it the lake, set off by the building, reflecting its lightness? The light penetrates the large wall and flows in without any cover, creating an open, outward-looking sand table atmosphere. The outdoor shadows are hit by light on the ground, booths and walls, and the mottled images extend all the way to the background of the reception area, standing a "forest"---the tree of the sky, "supporting" the sky of the day. Moving with the sun, it seems to be floating in the air. A place of nature, a city in the sky.

Li Jian
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