IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

China Overseas Property·Hohhot Rivers and mountains Victory project model rooms of 105 and 125 units

by Guangzhou Lingxilidu Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd

Projet Description

Cyan City
Sky blue grass green is the most beautiful picture in Hohhot in my memory
Spring city
The flowers have bloomed quietly
Migratory birds fly on this grassland
The sky is where you play
Reeds are your paradise
The feathers on my body are also shining
Flowers bloom on the trail, the geese return
In Hohhot, Mongolian means "Qingcheng", where "Hoh" means cyan, and "Hot" means city. The city got its name because the center of the city relies on the Daqing Mountain to the north. It is also a habitat for migratory birds in spring, forming a natural landscape of Hohhot. This time, cyan is used as the theme color, and agile elements are incorporated to form a natural artistic conception of flowers blooming on the Mosque and the return of the geese.
"Perfume" is derived from the Latin "parfumare", which means "penetrating smoke". Everyone in life has their own taste, and perfume will certainly not be absent. It shows to people: art, quality, gentleness, style, and the space is based on perfume. In the new Dior perfume series, it creates a magical olfactory journey full of flowers.
The creator said: Just as I saw the autumn grassland for the first time when I was a child, my eyes were full of glorious swaying gestures.

Guangzhou Lingxilidu Soft Decoration Design Co., Ltd

广州灵西里渡软装饰设计有限公司,一家追求极致意境美感的室内软装设计定制服务商, 面向国内外地产开发商,针对酒店、大型商业空间、会所、别墅、示范单位等,提供专业软装设计、采购、陈设及项目运营为一体的软装设计公司。我们的理念是秉承匠心设计理念,追求极致意境美感享受,为推动软装设计产业发展努力奋斗!

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