IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Wuxi Tai Lack Garden

by Tina Wong

Projet Description

The original apartment type is not very reasonable, the kitchen entrance is straight to the door, and the visual effect of entering the house is not good. The two-bedroom and one-study layout cannot meet the basic needs of three generations of owners. Taking into account the needs of customers, we adjusted the study to a children's room, and designed a connecting door between the elderly room and the children's room, which is convenient for direct care and reduces the trouble of passage. The keynote of the interior design is light and luxurious style. The hard decoration color is mainly composed of calm gray, and the large-area fabric hard bag and wallpaper highlight the overall low-key and elegant temperament. The flowing texture marble of the TV wall and the original wood color of the whole house add decoration and affinity. The rose gold metal lines are used as the dividing line of the material and the decoration of the ceiling, adding exquisite design details. The color of the soft decoration continues the gray-white tone of the overall design, and orange is used as the color embellishment on the partial furniture, which increases the leap and fashion sense of the overall color. In order to better continue the overall sense of exquisite details in the interior, the soft furnishings, lamps, and artistic decorations also use metal elements, which are integrated with the original design to make customers shine with exquisite details.

Tina Wong

毕业于上海华东师范大学。从业十七年,一直深耕室内设计行业。十余年设计院的工作精力,使她接触了大量的大型室内设计项目,并承担软装方面的主创设计角色。参加设计的项目屡获国内外设计大奖。2019年成立TINA WONG DESIGN STUDIO。专注室内设计,始终坚持“以人为本”的设计理念,切实以业主的角度思考设计,秉持认真负责的态度,期待将更高品质的设计效果呈现给业主。

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