IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Chengdu Unicorn Science and Technology Innovation Island

by Wang Xianqiang

Project Description

Unicorn Science and Technology Innovation Island Is the national design master Zaha architecture to do the interior exhibition design, the overall distribution of 3 floors, 1 floor area of 4300 square meters, 2 floor area of 2400 square meters, 3 floor area of 1800 square meters. Design extraction of architectural form, space art expression, innovation fission concept display design generation.
The streamlined space design of the exhibition hall makes full use of the existing architectural space, echoes the architectural design language, and makes the exhibition booth artistic, so as to "hide" the space as much as possible, highlight the exhibits and contents, and enhance the visiting experience.
The exhibition hall is designed to visualize and participate in various application scenarios, linking the digital world with the real world, strengthening the overall construction of the exhibition's science and technology, interest, vision and experience. The exhibition hall uses new technology, new concepts and new techniques to create the most high-tech, futuristic and cross-era boutique exhibition hall.

Wang Xianqiang

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