IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Ascending to Greatness

by LOYU Interior Design Engineering CO., LTD.

Project Description

This interior design project is dedicated to an office space of a motorcycle parts manufacturer and supplier. The design team has meticulously incorporated a wide range of motorcycle elements into the space, creating a unique and exciting atmosphere. Additionally, the team has successfully reflected the enterprise's business philosophy of “based on the present, beyond the future” through the design elements. The overall style of the design is rugged and unrestrained, creating an atmosphere of freedom and power throughout the space. The company's representative color, indigo, has been used as an accent, further enhancing the overall style of the design. Through the use of figurative design, the company's characteristics and spirit have been thoughtfully integrated into the office environment, creating a space that reflects the company's culture from the inside out.
Upon entering the reception area, an impressive display greets visitors, as the design team has utilized a combination of indigo and off-white colors on the surrounding walls and ceilings. The team has employed special metallic paint to create a magnificent mountainous landscape, which provides a stunning backdrop for the area. The end wall showcases a cross-country motorcycle dashing out of the starting point and running on a rugged rocky mountain road, embodying the company's philosophy of "Based on the present, beyond the future".  The product display center on the fourth floor features a transparent partition design, which allows the visitors to appreciate the exhibits in the space clearly while walking along the outer corridor. The showroom interior has a gallery atmosphere, with a clean and straightforward approach. In particular, the buggy is suspended in the space, enabling guests to enjoy a 360-degree view of the products. 
Moving towards the sitting area, the design team introduced the concept of an American highway to echo the company's products. An old wood-grain bar, next to the road, with a faux brick back wall and dim lighting, creates a vintage American-style bar. This setting allows employees to change their minds and be inspired by this unique vintage atmosphere, which is a departure from the traditional and uninspiring office atmosphere.
This project aims to convey the values and characteristics of the enterprise, while simultaneously creating a practical and aesthetically pleasing office space. The issue of environmental protection is of paramount importance to the company. Therefore, the design team has opted to employ terrazzo and SGS-approved high pressure laminate as the primary building materials. This choice ensures that the office space remains healthy, non-toxic, durable, and eco-friendly. Furthermore, each room is equipped with external windows, which allows for the entrance of natural light. This approach significantly reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day, thereby promoting energy conservation and reducing carbon emissions. By adopting these measures, the company is not only fulfilling the basic functional needs of the enterprise but also promoting sustainable operations and growth. Ultimately, this initiative contributes to creating a better future for the planet in terms of sustainable development. The company's commitment to environmental protection and sustainability reflects its long-term goal of achieving responsible and ethical business practices.

LOYU Interior Design Engineering CO., LTD.

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