IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Changqing Xuelinfu Community Activity Center

by Gao Long

Projet Description

Changqing Xuelinfu Community Activity Center is one of the complementary services of the real estate developed by Jinke Real Estate, is to provide better services for the community owners. The activity center covers an area of four hundred and ninety-two square meters and is located in the downtown underground. The activity center has subsided in the small square garden. Its indoor function set points on four areas: one is a reading area, mainly for residential owners, and students reading a book to do their homework after they go home from school in the afternoon, parents can accompany children to learn together. The second is the children's reading area, the third is the children's game area, and the fourth is the fitness and yoga area.
The design of several functions has made the different levels of segregation and the limit as far as possible is the space is open and has its characteristics. Make it won't interfere with each other made five children reading areas on the ground step and placed cushions; Children can sit here and read and play activity center with large glass, has a splendid visual effect. Large bookshelves display massive books for the community to read, and bookshelves also serve as a partition between the reading area and the fitness area. Artificial landscapes are set up in the fitness and yoga areas to allow people to relax during exercise. The interaction between parents and children considers the overall design. The large zone of the reading area adopts the exposed design, through the whole space is strung together by the circular framework and curve design.
The building of the community activity center provides the owner with a good space for leisure activities. It has become a 4:30 school for children to study and do their homework after school.

Gao Long

Senior Interior Designer
The Fourth Shanghai Top Ten Outstanding Young Interior Designers
China Top Ten Accessory Designers
East China Top Ten Accessory Designers
Founder/Design Director of Shanghai Yecai Design Agency
Member of Interior Design Branch of China Architecture Society
Member of China Interior Decoration Society's Art of Decoration Committee
Specializing in the design of interior spaces and furnishings for model houses and sales centers, as well as the research and development of trendy designs for such products, he has rich working experience and academic achievements. He enjoys a high reputation and influence in the industry, has rich practical experience in interior space design and soft decoration, has accurate positioning on the grasp of space and style selection, has strong design control and keen trend judgment.
Professional Activities
2018 "EGGER Cup" Custom Home Design Competition Judge
2015 Daikin Interior Design Competition Judge
2014 Daikin Interior Design Competition Judge
2009 Daikin Interior Design Competition
2009.08 The Ultimate Decoration - China Accessory Design Summit Forum Speech (Shanghai)
2008.10 City! Awareness - 2008 Contemporary Elite Designers Group Exhibition (Shenzhen)
2008.04 Guest speaker of the 5th "Four Cats" Design Salon of Modern Decoration
2005.12 China (Shenzhen) International Interior Design Art Week and Modern Decoration 20th Anniversary Celebration
2002.03 Editorial board member of the 21st century China's higher art colleges and universities art and design teaching classic large series
2011 The 1st Shanghai Design New Force Annual Top 10 Design Team
2010 Shanghai Ninth Architectural Decoration Design Competition Model House Design Second Prize
2009 China Interior Design Competition Award of Excellence
2008 China Interior Design Elite Award
2008 China Interior Design Biennial Award of Excellence
2008 Shanghai 7th Architectural Decoration Design Competition Model House Design First Prize
2007 Shanghai Sixth Architectural Decoration Design Competition Model Room Design First Prize
2007 "Golden Bund Award" Best Living Space Nomination Award
Third Prize of FERICHI Cup 2007 "Interior Elite Designer" Competition
Excellent Award of 2000 China Interior Design Competition
2000 China Interior Design Competition Best Work Award
1999 China Interior Design Award Honorable Mention

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