IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Changjuan Showroom – ARMANI · Villa Realm


Projet Description

There are two main streams of art, one is realism and the other is abstract. As for interior design, figurative objects are often expressed in abstraction. The space uses ARMANI201 as the eye-catching color, the slightly darker red color kissed by Eros, combined with the low-profile but highly textured mirror gray and white outlines an elegant and meaningful mild luxury living space. The space retains the practicality of every object in the design with rich texture and style, from the soft velvet pillow and single chair to the exquisite main lamp, ornaments, coffee table, and the combination of movement and stillness. The design is the exquisite aesthetic taste of the owner, and it is also the elegant life atmosphere.


MILLIO CASA is a high-end soft and artistic decoration design studio, focusing on in-depth, comprehensive, and professional soft decoration services for the overall project of private houses, luxury villas, model rooms, sales offices, hotel clubs, and others. Since its establishment, it has created many unique spaces all over the country and is committed to becoming the first brand of soft decoration design in China.
Taking "design to reconstruct the art of life" as its design concept, MILLIO CASA regards the customer as the center to focus on the real needs and potential emotions of people and space. It endowed the space with a humanistic connotation, conveying a harmonious lifestyle. The company has several professional teams composed of a design, procurement, installation, and management. They are guided by innovative design capabilities, supported by rigorous management processes, supplemented by stable and efficient procurement, and a complete installation system to provide high-end design and construction services.

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