IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

C&D Orient Bay

by Wuxi House Aesthetics Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd

Project Description

This project is a private villa located in the Orient Bay, with ingenious design incorporated into every detail of the space, which is committed to satisfying the pursuit of new refiners for elegant life. On the basis of nature and minimalism, a unique combination of wood color and black is adopted to create a composed atmosphere, providing users with a sense of visual creativity and imagination.
Due to the leisure area in the basement is shaped like a huge box, a series of design techniques are adopted to add a sense of hierarchy. The visual extension effect of the TV background and the half-suspended TV background wall create a three-dimensional and hierarchical effect of the interior space; the lighting system of patio can give the space excellent sense of light and depth, making the entire space more spacious and bright to avoid oppression. The family activity space is clearly separated from the space for drinking tea and relaxing through the see-through partition of six-meter long table, ensuring privacy while increasing the diversity of the space. A special-shaped staircase connecting the basement to the upper floor allows residents to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the space when going downstairs, eliminating the sense of separation between the space, and can also be seen as an artistic sculpture that adds color to the space. The restaurant facing the courtyard brings natural light and beautiful scenery from the outside into the inside through huge floor-to-ceiling windows, with a Chinese and Western double kitchen design, which not only satisfies the pursuit of young people for fashionable Western food, but also meets the preferences of middle-aged and elderly people for Chinese food, increasing the fun of dining. Furthermore, the bedroom based on the principle of minimalism eliminates unnecessary decorative elements to return its most original function to the residents, avoiding interfering with their daily life while allowing them to be fully comfortable and relaxed when wearing out, so that they can enjoy a truly warm life.

Wuxi House Aesthetics Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd

House Aesthetics has been exploring for the sublime spacial structure design since its establishment. Multiple design elements, like the space layout, structure, light, color and material, are made good use of to channel different information, together with the unique aesthetic to accurately delineate each functional area. In this way, House Aesthetics creates a deep emotional connection between the living space and occupants, and redefines what makes a home. With ongoing efforts, House Aesthetics is able to turn every property into a true "home".

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