IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by c-x design

Projet Description

Of course designers don't know all industries, but we do - space, and the impact it has on the human dimension of perception and decision making.
The BMW CLUB I envision is diversified and multi-functional, not only as a space to carry the activities of car owners, but also to further broaden the sales scenario for our client (BMW dealership).
Following Mr. Sha's instructions, we established the sales and service function as the core at the beginning of the design bidding stage, and the original space was planned into three large blocks, corresponding to three usage scenarios: service sharing area, social experience area, and sales area.
Paint white, prefabricated components to meet the street cladding, the top light box can both unify the facade through the black prefabricated through components to block the air conditioning exhaust equipment and the crude concrete shape of the building itself, and also give the building energy saving and sound insulation through the components, the black and white color scheme is also elegant and atmospheric.

c-x design

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