IDPA Japan Design Award

International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award


by Xingshi design studio

Project Description

The space design aims to create an interior environment that meets people's material and spiritual needs. Due to the poor configuration of the original layout of the old house, there needs to be better circulation. Through the designer's thoughtful planning and clever execution, the open space design has transformed into an organized look. Also, the designer expanded the shared living area and created a spacious and open spatial expression. The transformation has provided residents with a residential environment that is smooth, enjoyable, and comfortable.
Entering the house, one will see that the open design integrates the living room, study, and dining room to open up the space in the shared living area. In addition, considering that a large beam crosses the ceiling of the living room and study room, the designer used grilles and glass elements to cover the beam to eliminate the oppressive feeling generated by the beam, and at the same time, combined with hidden linear lighting to enrich the visual level. Looking at the TV wall in the living room, the common one-shaped TV cabinet design is replaced with an L-shaped one. Towards the open study, the designer has thoughtfully reserved sliding door tracks to allow the homeowners to install sliding doors directly if they need to separate their study space without disassembling and renovating again. A full-opening glass sliding door defines the kitchen space leading to the dining area, which can be adjusted according to users' needs. When preparing ingredients, the sliding door can be opened to allow kitchen and dining area residents to interact. In contrast, when cooking, the sliding door can be closed to achieve the effect of isolating grease and smoke.
Moving slowly to the master bedroom, one will notice that the warm gray tone of the public space continues to be the main axis of the space. The gray paint is applied on the back wall of the bed, and the unique texture of the lacquer and the slate texture intertwine to create a delicate spatial texture. Entering the master bathroom, the designer reorganized the layout of the master bedroom and living room to enlarge the bathroom space, allowing the homeowner to put in the desired freestanding egg-shaped bathtub to satisfy his wish.
The project is exquisitely executed to reconfigure the original e layout of the space through the designer's ingenuity and to create a bright living space. On top of that, a modern aesthetic design approach is carried out to construct the overall spatial expression. By abandoning the complicated and heavy decorative elements, the designer has decorated the residence with clean lines and a warm gray color scheme to create a warm and happy atmosphere, creating a simple and sharp living space.

Xingshi design studio

Xingshi design studio believes that every room is a container with its purpose and strives to bring life into each space.

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