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International Design Pioneer Award
International Design Pioneer Award

Anti Aging Pillows


Project Description

Inspiration originates from actual requirements, and an excellent product is motivated by actual demands. People usually don't give much thought to the skin folds that result from waking up with their face in contact with a pillow, but in the long term, this will result in skin damage and permanent wrinkles, which is disappointing. Therefore, we developed this ground-breaking anti-wrinkle beauty pillow, which cleverly makes use of a hollow design with adjustable sizes to lessen the wrinkles brought on by squeezing the pillow, bringing users a comfortable and restful sleep all night.
Given the delicate skin surrounding the eyes, the side sleeping area of the beauty pillow uses a hollow design with adjustable size. This successfully prevents the eye area and apple muscles from squeezing, which in turn lessens nasolabial folds and eye wrinkles. You can also modify the opening’s size to fit the form of your face, ensuring the free stretching and relaxation of the skin around your eyes in promoting blood circulation, and reducing the pressure and tightness around the eye skin. It also accounts for the cervical spine and head curves on the human body, providing proper support and comfort for the neck and head, reducing stress and avoiding wrinkles.
The beauty pillow of the utility model is provided with an internal adjusting part that can adjust and fix the position of the notch according to the contour of the face, which better fit the user's face and increase the beauty pillow's adaptability. The special contour design can align your head, neck, shoulders and back to maintain a correct posture, which can effectively relieve your neck pain and shoulder stiffness, and help you sleep pain-free at night.
The overall shape of the beauty pillow is round and lovely without any extra complicated curves, and the smooth arc makes people feel at ease. The color is soft, simple and elegant, in n keeping with the modern minimalist design philosophy. The ergonomic curvature of the cervical spine and the head are fully taken into account by the distinctive hollow design on both sides. It complies with the golden section ratio and fuses form and function to create a cozy and comfy sleeping space.
High-density memory foam, which is soft yet thick and can better support the head, makes up the inner core of the beauty pillow. Additionally, the integrated adjustment parts are injection-molded and won't be exposed or fall off. The detachable and machine-washable jacket is comprised of sturdy nylon and well-fitting spandex in the proportions of 70% to 30%. As a result, the pillow as a whole is secure and worry-free.
The pillow was created with sustainability principles at its core and uses natural raw materials to make it healthy, recyclable, and biodegradable. Additionally, the fabric is strong and durable with a long service life, which considerably encourage circulation and lower manufacturing costs, and fully realize the idea of environmental conservation.


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